How to beat cravings on a healthy way

Forget about diets, just eat what makes you good!

Eating healthy does not mean you need to spend your life eating, as my father always says, rabbit food. There are many options where you can choose from the next time you feel like you could eat a whole cake.

Believe me, I used to have that problem.

This big issue in my life, made me search for alternatives that could help me follow my diet, but at the same time that tasted good.

I´ll share with you the next options that you could add to your daily diet and the best part is that you won’t have to feel bad about eating them.

1.- Greek yogurt (sugar-free), berries and chia

The closest thing to an ice cream! If you chose the right yogurt brand, which doesn´t have sugar, you’d have a high dose of antioxidants, and a sweet treat on the morning.

2.- Ricke cake, jelly or peanut butter and strawberry slices

Cookies are everything you do not need… Change them for some complex carbohydrates, add some jelly (sugar-free) or if you prefer, peanut butter.  Add some strawberry or banana slices on top.

3.- Vegetables and hummus

Yes…that brown and weird thing is called hummus, which is made from chickpeas (great vegetable fat source). It will help you control the cholesterol on your body, and it is also rich in fiber and protein. Mix it with your favorite vegetables, and you’ll have the perfect snack for a movie.

4.- Color salad

The more colorful, the better. Some lettuce, vegetables… maybe carrots!  Don’t forget the cherry tomatoes. Mix this up inside a Mason Jar, and you’ll have a practical snack that you can take anywhere.

5.- Bruschetta with goat cheese, tomatoes, and celery

Now, if you’d like a more gourmet lunch, you just have to choose your favorite type of bread, (I recommend you a wholemeal bread), goat cheese with some cherry tomatoes, salt, and pepper, some drops of olive oil, and why not? You could complete this with a cup of wine.  

A little not guilty culinary pleasure.

Always remember that the best diet is not the one that you keep for a couple of months and then forget about it. But the one that turns into a lifestyle. 

Do you know any other healthy snacks that you would like to share with us?