8 apps to feed your wanderlust from home

September 18, 2020

Inspire yourself and enjoy the passion for traveling on your smartphone

Discovering the world in creative ways

We’ve been told before that if we are stuck in a rut, we must stay away from screens and technology for a moment to get inspired and reconnect with ourselves. Although, we’ve also heard that our mobile devices and apps can become good partners to find new ways to travel

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Some bad habits in the excessive use of technology can negatively affect our mood. It’s important to find a balance between using our smartphone to work, being active in social media, and having apps that keep our mind inspired

Yes, we know that sharing and searching for memes is fun! But we must also take advantage of the fact that we have at our disposal more ways to discover the world through apps and sites that will keep our wanderlust active.

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Speaking about the love for travel: Why do travelers repeat destinations?

Eight apps for your smartphone that will keep your desire to travel active

This app takes you through the streets of main cities around the world in a very relaxing way. You can listen to the ambient sound or maybe tune in to a local station to accompany your trip. Definitely a good way to get to know other cities, especially if you like to drive.

Apps Drive and listen

This one is perfect if you are one of those who always like to be close to a window. Use it to take a break at work and peek through windows at random places around the world. Directly to the favorite apps folder.  

App Window Swap

Can you imagine what a forest in central Europe or an island in the Pacific sounds like? In this site, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself traveling the world through its sounds. An excellent and even relaxing way to keep awakening your desire to travel. 

App World Sounds

I bet that if we had the chance, we would spend most of our time traveling to as many places as we can! Gala 360 app will only make our list of places and countries to visit larger since you can be able to virtually visit different places and get 360° views of incredible landscapes. 

App Gala360

Through these maps, you will be able to know routes for hiking, place the exact location of parks, touristic places, and, of course, the transit of cities. Mark your favorite routes and locations. Let’s keep our passion for traveling intact. This app will be helpful once you are ready for your next trip too.   

App Avenza

Here is another good option to distract yourself for a while on your mobile phone at home. You’ll get the chance of transporting yourself and walking around the place you want. Download it and enjoy traveling to places you may never have thought before. 

App Outside Simulator

I know this one is a classic. I bet must of us have known about it for years. However, you may have missed out on some recent updates such as information cards, 3D views, or a new section with articles and quizzes. All these improvements will help you learn more about the sites we visit, making Google Earth an all-time favorite app for wanderlust.  

Apps Google Earth
  • Virtual tours and museums 

Every traveler must visit museums and learn about the culture and history of the place they want to visit. Our last point on this list is to share some apps with galleries and virtual tours from very interesting place: 

  1. Vusiem: Virtual guided tours of the most famous museums in the world such as the Louvre in Paris, the Capitolium Museum in Rome, or the National Gallery of London.  
  2. The British Museum: A super interesting timeline of some historic pieces from all around the world.
  3. Bellas Artes Palace: A virtual tour of one of the most famous art buildings in Mexico.  
  4. National Museum of Anthropology: It is the largest museum in Mexico City. After taking a virtual look through its halls and rooms you will want to visit more museums in Mexico!
Virtual Museums

Use this apps and websites on your smartphone to nurture your passion for travel and discover new destinations, even if for the time being it’s only from our favorite couch at home.  

  • After you finish reading this blog entry, and once you have downloaded your favorite wanderlust apps listed here, follow these tips to avoid exceeding your smartphone usage time and to stay relaxed and inspired: 
  • Preset an alarm with an ideal use time of your device. And once you receive the notification, try to stop using it. 
  • Try to use a hand watch, since nowadays we’re used to look at our phones to see the time. This avoids the chance to check our notifications more often. 
  • Avoid all kinds of screen devices for at least 45 minutes before going to bed. With low light, your brain can relax easily because it identifies it as a time to rest. 
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One last thing! Check the Xcaret app (Android or iOS), you can know more about every activity and restaurants offered in the parks, buy your tickets, and plan like a pro your next visit.

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