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Xoximilco is a place where fiesta, joy, and good music bond together. But besides all of this, it’s an excellent place to get a nice souvenir. For your girlfriend or boyfriend, your wife, or even your mother-in-law. Here you’ll find a list of 5 Xoximilco Souvenirs You Should Have.

1. Hold on to your hats

They say that in Mexico you must see a hat here and there, you find them everywhere. Charros have used them for a long time, proudly carried to demonstrate elegance and to conquer the ladies. With details in green, white and red; patriotic colors, and very traditional.

2. Our Lady of the Rosary

The Virgin Mary, or as we know it here “La Virgencita” has been present in our culture since the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico. You can obtain her image in various articles, such as pictures, wall decorations, and many others. Indeed a very emblematic image of our traditions.

3. “You’re a Doll”

A souvenir full of history, elaborated by Mexican hands for many years. Created from the leaves that cover the corn, dolls are craftsmanship for kids that can provide hours of fun, or may look very lovely decorating some shelf at home.

4. Calaverita

In our country, we respect death so much so that we dedicate the first and second days of November to remember our ancestors where we set up ofrendas with their favorite dishes and things when they were with us. And a very representative image of this is the already famous “calaverita.” You can find it as a figure of clay, in cups and many other things.

5. Made by hand, made with the heart

This kind of article, as in any other part of the world, represents the values and traditions of our country. In Mexico, thousands of artisans have tried to maintain throughout history the skills inherited from their ancestors. You can find some of them in our store, from clay figures of famous wrestlers like “El Santo” to a small trajinera.

So you know, there is no excuse not to take a nice souvenir of your visit to Mexico. We assure you you’ll find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Among so many options, you will definitely find more than 5 Xoximilco Souvenirs You Should Have.

And what do you think are the 5 Xoximilco Souvenirs You Should Have?