Discovering the Yucatecan Glory

You have to try them all

To talk about Yucatecan gastronomy is to talk about culture and traditions. Once you try their food, you won’t want to stop eating them.

Yucatecan tamales can be prepared baked, steamed, or even buried, and they are wrapped with different leaves, such as banana and sacred leaves. They can be stuffed with corn dough, pork, chicken, egg, ground pumpkin seed, Chaya leaf, and Xpelon, which is a type of bean from the region. Below we list the ones you can’t miss during your visit to the Yucatan Peninsula.

1.- Tamales Vaporcitos

They are the most common or typical tamales in Yucatan. These Yucatecan tamales are made with a sheer mass, stuffed with chicken, pork, turkey, or pork, and are wrapped in banana leaves. They can be served with spicy tomato sauce.

2.- Tamales Colados

To make this type of tamale it’s necessary to pour the mass, which gives a soft and delicious texture to it. These tamales are steamed and wrapped in banana leaves and filled with chicken. They are usually accompanied by tomato sauce with habanero chili.

3.- Tamales with Xpelón

Like the Vaporcitos, these tamales also are stuffed with chicken, with the difference that the mass has seeds of Xpelón, which is a type of Yucatecan bean. This kind of Yucatecan tamale can be baked, buried, or steamed.

4.- Tamale Maculán or sacred leaf

This tamale is one of the vegan options of Yucatecan food. It’s filled with ibis beans, which is a type of white bean, ground pumpkin seed, tomato sauce, and chives. The leaf in which the tamale is also wrapped changes, instead of being with the banana leaf it is covered with sacred leaf, which gives it an exquisite taste. Maculan tamale is typical for eating at Easter.

5.- Brazo de Reina

This is one of the vegetarian options in the Yucatecan food and is very popular to eat during Easter
This tamale is filled with Chaya leaf, ground pumpkin seeds, and hard-boiled egg, it can also be stuffed with ball cheese. It is served with tomato sauce.

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6.- Tamales with chaya

These tamales are a variation of the Brazo de Reina and are a delicious option for vegans. They are steamed tamales, and the dough has Chaya pieces, unlike the Brazo de Reina, these tamales have no filling, they are tamales of very sheer mass, and they are accompanied only with spicy tomato sauce. These types of tamales are eaten mainly during Easter since they are easy to cook and very economical too.

7.- Chachacuah or buried tamales

Buried tamales or Chachacuahs as they are known by the Yucatecan people are tamales stuffed with chicken or pork, they can have Xpelón and are wrapped in banana leaf. The big difference between this type of tamal and the Mucbi Pollo is its size. This tamale is also typical during the Hanal Pixan or Day of the Dead Festival.

8.- Mucbi Pollo

They are the most famous tamales in the region, and it is typical to cook them on the day of the dead, known as Hanal Pixan. Mukbil Pollo comes from the Maya: “muk” which is to bury, and “bil” to stir. It is a large tamale, wrapped in banana leaves and buried to be cooked in the wood, which gives it a delicious flavor. The Mucbi Pollo can have Xpelón and is stuffed with chicken, pork, or turkey. You can not miss them!

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We know that having read the blog, you already feel like eating some of these delicious tamales, but tell us, which ones have you tried? Which one did you like the most? Or Which would you like to try? Share your comments with us.

Featured Image: Yucatan Today