Make your trip last forever

Mexican Souvenirs



You are having a great time during your first visit to México; discovering all the places from Tulum to Cabo, singing with the mariachi, learning how to say a few words in spanish and tasting all the flavors of our cuisine, discovering that some dishes are more spicy than others. In a few words you are living an extraordinary experience but your trip is not complete until you get souvenirs to remember how amazing this adventure was. After all, it is just as if you were taking a piece of Mexico with you.



Our country is very colorful and has many traditional crafts. From Yucatan to Baja California many groups of artisans create beautiful pieces of art from wood, gold, silver and even stone. Creativity is everywhere, that is why we want to share with you a quick guide to get the best souvenirs during your trip to Mexico:


Mariachi Hat.– If you’re an expert screaming “Viva México” in all the fiestas you attended during your visit , this is the perfect souvenir for you. It is also one of the most representative icons of our culture and it is recognizable all over the world . So make sure you get one to remember your first trip to México.




Traditional Beverages.- At this point probably you are thinking in tequila, and we don’t blame you. But this is not the only one. In Mexico we have more traditional beverages such as Ixtabentún , a beverage from Yucatan that is made of a flower with the same name. We also have mezcal from Oaxaca or Pulque in Hidalgo, both made with agave. You will be amazed when you discover that these beverages come often in handmade bottles which are also handicrafts and are a perfect gift for your friends.




Postcards.- You may think these are just pieces of cardboard , but the truth is they are really practical souvenirs to remember the places you have visited. Who can resist to take one and observe the beautiful and representative places of México without feeling the need to travel and discover that place? So when you step into a market ask for them and take a bunch because also they are cheap too.



Catrinas.- In Mexico this bony character is a very important part of our culture and she can be seen in many places like restaurants, hotels, handicrafts stores and it’s a nice souvenir to remember your visit to Mexico and its traditions such as the Day of the Death that we celebrate in November with a colorful and tasty festivity. You can find catrinas made of wood, metals, paper mache and in many sizes , you only have to choose one to take home.




As you may see México’s creativity is a vast universe of colors and forms, wherever you are there will be a place with handicrafts or a main street where the artisans are making their own pieces of art. Take your time to discover and find the perfect souvenir that will make you take a part of Mexico with you.