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Top 10: Xplorer’s photos

Is it true that Xplor’s visitors are the most adventurous? What we know for sure is that they post the most amusing photos. That’s why, from now on, every month we’ll choose the 10 best photos shared by our visitors on Instagram tagged with #Xplor.

Join us to relive these 10 Xplorer’s moments, but warning!, when you finish reading, it’s most  likely that you’ll feel like going out, running, flying, swimming or anything that makes adrenaline run through your veins.

10.- When you are about to start an adventure with all the enthusiasm and desire to go out and conquer the world.

Photo by @stein_xavier via Instagram

9.- You are with your family and showing that you really know how to pose for the camera with style.

Photo by @ princesssviv_xavier via Instagram

8.- That feeling of flying on the zip line for the first time with your legs stretched freely.

Photo by @07lalooo via Instagram

7.- Who wouldn’t love to be sliding down a waterslide right now?

Photo by @ianpoot via Instagram

6.- Since we are already wet, how about driving under a waterfall?

Photo by @kasey_breaux via Instagram

5. Legend has it that if you traveled with all the tribe and didn’t took a selfie with a breathtaking panoramic view is as if you hadn’t traveled at all.

Photo by @mejiaabad via Instagram

4.- The favorite time of many Xplorers: driving at full speed through the floating bridges in the jungle!

Photo by @dvazquez86 via Instagram

3.- That face you make when you’re about to waterland and not sure if you’re ready to do it.

Foto de @crzy_fitmamaof4 vía Instagram

2.- An adventure is complete when you contemplate the horizon and realize you’ve accomplished what you wanted in the first place: explore the world.

Photo by @igojar via Instagram

1. And when you think you’ve seen it all, the world never ceases to amaze you with its majesticity.

Photo by @zaelmelgoza via Instagram

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