Meet Anna Lysakowska

A full-time traveler and adventurer

We love traveling almost as much as we love adventure, so we decided to dedicate a space in the blog for all those people who dedicate their entire lives to travel around the world. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspired us to go out and see the world.

Our fist Xplorer of the month is Anna Lysakowska, who shares her everyday adventures through her blog Anna Everywhere

She’s been a permanent nomad since 2007, making the world her home. So far she has visited over 70 countries and lived on 4 continents, discovering their cultures, history and learning languages. As the title of her blog indicates she’s traveling all around the world, often spontaneously, so you can never be sure where she will go next. From rappeling in Mexico, through luxury hotels in Singapore, beaches of Fiji, to jetskiing in California Anna will show you the adventurous world of travel.

But, how does she manage to make a life of traveling the world? For many of us it seems a little bit crazy or even impossible, so we asked Anna a few questions in order to get to know her better:

How did you decide to become a Travel Blogger?

I’ve been a nomad for 10 years, but I started my blog 2 years ago after all my friends were asking me about travel tips. Read more about how her traveler story began in her blog post Why should you work abroad instead of traveling after graduation?

What has been your favorite adventure activity so far and why? where did you do it?

I did a bunch of adventure activities in South Africa so I’d say one of them was the coolest for sure!

What would you recommend to someone who wants to devote himself to travel the world?

Don’t give up! People will ask you million questions about why you’re not settled down, have kids already etc. and you might loose some of your old friends, but surely you’ll make new ones who will be like-minded.

From your travels in Mexico, what do you remember the most? What place would you like to visit in Mexico and why?

I just got back from Xilitla and Rio Tampeon in San Luis Potosi and I think it’s amazing. I’d like to revisit this place one day!

See some of the adventures Anna has lived in Mexico, read: Anna Everywhere’s posts about Mexico

Follow the adventures of this amazing traveler through her social media and tell us, would you like  to travel the world as a life plan?