A Safe Xplorer is a Happy Xplorer

Finding Safety & Adventure 

We all know that one of the hardest things about traveling with your family is to find activities that besides being attractive to all family members, parents can also have the confidence that vacations will be completely safe.  This assurance of security can be guaranteed by safety measures specified prior to your visit such as what you will find in this next article:

During your visit you will have to use our official Xplorer helmet, which is solid, fully adjustable and versatile. It is robust with polycarbonate shell to absorb any blow better, it is very comfortable and has numerous ventilation holes (14 in total), and also includes 2 padded contour for your head so you can move around the park freely and comfortably.



One of the children’s favorite activity has several important safety elements like pulleys, harness, ropes and steel wires, all of these, under the alliance with the world known brand, Petzl, dedicated to maximum security, comfort and facility to specific solutions for progression in height with a minimum of risk for over 30 years now. By utilizing the best equipment in the market, our zip-lines not only are one of the longest ones in Latin America, but also the safest.


One of the experiences that your family will never forget this  holidays are the amphibious vehicles, where you will follow jungle trails, cross suspended bridges and discover the underworld inside the heart of our mysterious caves. We give all of our vehicles constant maintenance so we can prevent any failure, and we do it all from our own car shop in the park. It is also important to remember that for this activity the driver must be over 18 years old, so you don’t have to worry,  the tribe chief will have everything under control.


Besides, all of our aquatic activities such as rafts, swimming in the underground river and some water zip-lines have a trained team of lifeguards for rescue in caves and open water.

We have different safety approvals, such as the ACCT (Certification Safety Canopy 2010 and 2011) by Challenge Towers for ACCT (Assosiation for Challenge Course Technology) and security certifications for 2010 and 2011 for the TUI (Netherlands) and First Choice (English) agencies. Now that you know all of these, you can be sure that besides enjoying a wonderful vacation with your family, you can be completely relaxed that you will be safe in the hands of the adventure experts: Xplor.