Feel adrenaline is one of the most favorite activities for humans. No matter if we’re young or we’re 80, men or women, there’s always an irresistible voice inviting us to go in search of a new emotion, a new experience. But, is it true that an adventure is dangerous? Do we need to put our lives at risk any time we’re looking for this magic feeling?

Imagine there’s a place where you can fly over the jungle and drive across mysterious trails and swim in an incredible underground world, surrounded by amazing rock formations. If you could, wouldn’t you explore it? Wouldn’t you like to get into those awesome landscapes and enjoy all the power of nature, without feeling you can die if you do something wrong?

If you have been at Xplor, in the Riviera Maya, then you know security is not the opposite of adventure. Even when each of these activities give to the Xplor visitors a shot of adrenaline, all of them are totally safe. The Park has the most modern equipment and the best qualified staff to guaranty the visitors’ safety at all times.

Xplor recently received two international certificates that guarantee safety in their activities. One of them was awarded by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), U.S. non-profit organization serving the parks and tours to attractions managed in ropes or cables, which aims to standardize the installation and safety procedures in operation attractions.

So, if you’re looking for a safe adventure in Cancun and Riviera Maya, Xplor shuld be in your Must’s list. What makes you feel safe in an adventure park? Tell us!