An unforgettable experience

That at first I didn’t want to live

It was until I turned 19 years old that I lost the fear of heights. This is something I had since childhood, so much that I was afraid to get on a plane or see down from a balcony on the third floor.

A great friend of mine invited me to this fantastic park called Xplor, one of the eight parks of Experiencias Xcaret, the others are Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xenses, Xoximilco, Tour Xenotes and Tour Xichén.

My experience began when the transportation picked us up at the previously agreed upon point in the reservation, it was a large and very clean bus, by the way. On the trip to the park, I took the opportunity to listen to “adventurous” music and get the idea that I was about to face my biggest fear.

Xplor is located in the Riviera Maya, right next to Xcaret, the largest park of Experiencias Xcaret. Since you are entering the park, it has an adventurous theme, this makes one you get excited in some way for what you are about to experience.


First, we checked in inside a cavern. The staff was very kind and gave us the keys to our locker and the safety helmet (which are included in the tours price).

Something that is important to be mentioned is that we had to use the safety helmet at all times since a large part of the facilities is located under a cavern.

And so it was, while we were walking towards the lockers, we were going through a stone corridor with stalactites above us, and at our sides, the beautiful rivers of stalactites.

Xplor park has two circuits of 7 zip-lines each, a total of 2.4 miles distance! There are two circuits inside the park: the large one called “Jaguar” and a short one called “Venado.” I took the first one because, if I was going to say “I lost the fear of heights,” it was time to go big or go home.

We passed through the security station prior to the zip-lines. They gave us a brief explanation of how to do the zip-lines circuit, and then they adjust our harness. I was dying of fear at the moment, but I did not let my fears become stronger than I.

Later we went up to the first zip-line, it was very high. From above the view was impressive, seeing around calmed me down a bit.

My moment had arrived, I was on the edge of the zip-line.

The staff was in charge of checking my harness and hooking it to the steel cable that connected to the other tower. My heart was beating very fast, and I swallowed every two seconds. I felt an enormous fear, but I did not want to back out. I closed my eyes and lifted my feet off the ground, when I realized and opened my eyes, I was already flying!

I did not feel any fear, all the opposite, I felt a lot of tranquility admiring the whole landscape around and below me. I could see the other visitors, they all looked like ants from the height I was at, just then I thought… I finally lost the fear of heights!

The moment to land in the tallest tower had arrived. The best part always comes at the end. We climbed to the highest tower, approximately 45 meters high, when rising at the beginning it gave me a little fear, however, as long as I was in the air, I could let myself go, and the view was still impressive. I was at the highest spot in the entire park!

Once we finished, we went to the buffet restaurant “Troglodita” (also included in the tours price). There was a bit of everything there, mainly Mexican food, a salad bar, garnishes, meats, snacks, among others, as well as orange water with chia, lemonade, horchata and soft drinks.

After lunch, there was still more to do in Xplor, apart from the zip-line circuit.

We had a trip aboard amphibious vehicles, rafts to go inside the river of stalactites, the same swim in the river and also an extra zip-line called “hamacuatizaje,” where you sat in a hammock and fell into a cenote.

We decided to go to the amphibious vehicles first. It was a route of approximately 3 miles each, I drove all the way, and the experience was great! We went among the big trees, we passed by hills, hanging bridges and even caves, the tour is made mainly to admire flora and fauna of the place. Basically, Xplor did not stop impressing us.

Xplor in Riviera Maya: where I lost the fear of heights

When we finished, we went to the underground rivers. We decided to swim the whole river, which was approximately 437 yards. There were other outputs every 109 yards, but we wanted to live the complete experience.

In the tour we witness every type of stalactites and stalagmites along the underground rivers within the spectacular caves and caverns of Xplor, at first, the route was a bit spooky, but we could quickly get used to it and enjoy the ride.

We arrived at the end point of the river, there was a waterfall with a circle shape, when looking up we could see a part of the sky, very pleasant to admire, I was already admiring all this natural beauty.

Xplor in Riviera Maya: where I lost the fear of heights

When I finished, I went to change and took a short walk around the park, I gave myself some time to think and really believe what I had done, what I feared and always said that would be an eternal fear, finally, I lost my fear of heights, and I did it in a big way.

By the way, I was already exhausted, so I decided to take a nap in the hammocks, while my friend walked a little more around the park.

Xplor in Riviera Maya: where I lost the fear of heights

My experience in Xplor could not have been better, and what excited me the most was that I missed the fear of heights, I enjoyed the whole trip very much and promised that I would return soon to live the same great experience. In fact, before I went, I read some tips to go to this park and face my biggest fear, so I’ll leave it here: 5 ways to overcome your fears in Xplor

If I did it, you could do it too. Encourage yourself to get on the highest zip-lines in Latin America, fear is temporary, and when you indeed face them, you can be much stronger than them.

If I did it, ¡You could do it too!

 And now, do you dare to live it?