What to eat on your vacations

Vegetarian Buffet at Xplor Fuego

Being a vegetarian is not as hard as many people think, I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you know it as I do. But when traveling to other countries and visiting all inclusive parks or resorts, you may wonder if you’re going to find vegetarian options.

I personally wondered this before going to Xplor Fuego, I thought if it has a cavemen idea then they would have lots of meat at the buffet. Well, they do actually have a lot of meat, but to my surprise, they even have more vegetarian food!

I remember arriving a little bit hungry to the Park, but after flying on the Zip-lines and swimming in the Stalactite River, I was dying to eat. So before continuing my adventure on the ATV’s, I went to the buffet decided to eat it all! I’m even getting hungry again just by remembering all I ate.

The buffet has many options to enjoy, starting from naturally flavored water such as lemon-cucumber, hibiscus flower & ginger, melon, green tea…

I ate some fruit and after I found six different and delicious salads. Six! The “Antique,” made of pasta, the classic “Caesar,” the Mediterranean, the “Delicatessen” which has coconut and the “Troglodyte.” I couldn’t decide which one to try, so I took a little bit of everyone! But that’s not all, there’s a full ingredient bar so you can also make one with whatever you prefer.

To add some carbohydrates, there were baked potatoes, corn with mayo & chili (a very traditional Mexican snack), french fries, corn souffle, and Margarita pizza. For protein, I fell in love with the cheese fingers, a fresh cheese bar, nuts, and almonds.

I continued with the main course (I know, I’m a fatty) because there’s also a pasta bar, you can decide whether to eat fusilli, spaghetti, fettuccini or farfalle and add Alfredo or tomato sauce. It was delicious!

At last, I got to the best part, the dessert! Apple tarts, Chocolate Cupcakes, Fruit tarts, bananas with ice cream… and for toppings there’s m&m’s, sprinkles and grated coconut.

After eating to the point of exploding, I confirmed the rumors I heard about Xplor Fuego’s restaurant, “it’s one of the top all inclusive restaurants in Riviera Maya.” Totally true! Tell me, how was your experience?