New nighttime adventure in Cancun & Riviera Maya

Today we will talk about a new way to have fun at Riviera Maya, with the capacity to receive 400 visitors each day, Xplor adventure park offers a whole new experience that will allow you to capture a great view of the sunset and the night, when the jungle come to life and opens its way to an incomparable adventure that awakens the wildest side of every one who dares to live Xplor Fuego.


The sounds of the jungle will make your senses become aware so that you can enter a world full of adventure, where sunset, night and fire will be your best companions. Xplorers will be able to observe the sunset, wander into the darkness of the jungle and submerge in the mystical waters of an underground river. Contemplate the bonfires that will make your internal fire burst while you get in touch with the nocturnal fauna  under the dim light that the moon and stars project towards the blackened jungle. The invitation is quite peculiar: “Ignite your life at Xplor Fuego, dare to face the caverns like you never imagined.”


The scenery of this innovative adventure will be a millenary world of underground rivers and caverns from which the roots of the trees grow towards the black sky, where night and fire become the special ingredients. Torches, fireflies and your own courage will set the route through jungle paths, caves, bridges and zip line towers. 

The Amphibious Vehicles will take you on a 6 kilometer ride into the mouth of the jungle, where you will be able to speed through flooded caverns, hanging bridges and waterfalls to reach the highest point on the park where a panoramic view will astound each and every one of the Xplorers.

While some Xplor the surface of the earth, the Zip Lines offer 8 rides over the jungle canopy, 2 hanging bridges and water landing. At the same time another tribe floats in awe under the ground on Rafts powered by your own hands, while on another subterranean river another group swims under incredible rock formations known as stalactites. As a bonus, you can have a great time water landing on a hammock, the specialty of the house.

The access to Xplor Fuego includes buffet at Troglodyte Restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic savage feast with BBQ ribs, grilled potato, sausages, hot dogs, salad bar and delicious treats made by our chef which will delight everyone. Desserts, flavored waters and delicious hot drinks are also there to enjoy.

Due to its limited space, for your tranquility we suggest purchasing your tickets prior to your visit directly on our website www.xplorfuego.com or via telephone from US and Canada 1-888-922-7381

The question now is: Are you ready to ignite?