Hungry for adventure, and food!

A quick view to our Xplor Fuego’s buffet

Xplor Fuego is much more than adventure, adrenaline, and excitement: it has one of the best buffets from the Riviera Maya. It doesn’t matter if you love eating meat, pasta or salads: here you’ll find something yummy to eat.

Join us in a tour through the Xplor Fuego buffet.

If you are into Mexican food, you must try the sweet tamales and the chicken tamales. A simple but delicious way to start your afternoon meal. Other spicy options are the chicken skewers and the ground beef empanadas.

If you have a more Italian taste, you must try the shrimp pasta: a fine choice.

For those who love eating meat, we have the best ribs of the Riviera Maya! They are drenched in our special barbecue sauce, once you try one, you won’t be able to stop adding more to your plate.

It’s ok if at the moment you aren’t craving for ribs: try the chops, grilled chicken, and Argentinian sausage. What better way to complement them than with some baked potatoes and cheese fingers.

It’s ok if you don’t feel like eating meat or Mexican food, we are sure that our salad bar and cold meats will conquer you. We recommend our two favorites: Caprese salad and refreshing cold pasta.

Of course, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without the desserts! Delight yourself with the sweet and coffee bar. Our favorite: the mini fruit tarts.

Did you start feeling hungry after reading this post? We did! This was just a little taste of the great variety of dishes that you can find in the Xplor Fuego buffet.

Have you ever visited us? What did you like the most? Share your comments with us.