More Than Just A Park In The Riviera Maya

A place that will blow your mind

Has it ever happened to you that you travel to a new place and nothing is what you expected? You imagined something completely different. That’s what will happen the first time you step into Xenses Park: you already know there will be fun activities for the whole family, that it will be located next to Xcaret Park in a paradise called Riviera Maya in Mexico; however, it is somewhat different from everything you’ve seen before.

Xenses: A Place Full of Magic and Color

There is no way we can explain what you are going to live in Xenses Park since the activities are based on the senses, everyone will experience different things: come and listen to your body when it whispers you, when it speaks to you, and when it screams at you!

Our first advice is that when you get to Xenses Park, you leave aside your prejudices, your worries, and your fears and get carried away by the sensations: open your mind and let your body experience; like when you were a child discovering the world.

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Another advice is to keep your eyes open at all times. Every corner will have details that will surprise you, or at least make you doubt yourself. The sense of sight is the most important for many, can you imagine what would happen if you closed your eyes and let the rest of your senses perceive the world?

Xenses: A Place Full of Magic and Color

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Finally, our last advice is to trust your instincts. Your rational side will probably want to stop you from doing things that seem “questionable” and to tell you things like -don’t do it because you’re going to get dirty- but that’s when you have to let go and allow yourself to experience: in Xenses Park, you will feel free.

When you leave the Park, you will be a different person from the one who entered, from the one reading this blog post right now, your senses will have awaken.