With 132 macaws born, we beat our own record

Guinness World Record Xcaret

On April 25th  for the second time we achieved the Guinness World Record for the highest number of macaw births in one year, the number of macaws that were born last year was 132. During the ceremony, Kimberley Partrick adjudicator from Guinness World Record, said the award given to Xcaret is the only world record awarded by that organization to the rescue of endangered species.



Thanks to the breeding program that began in 1993, the number of macaw chicks increased to 105 and we received our first Guinness World Record in 2009. To this day, we have 100 breeding pairs of macaws thanks to the work of specialists in their field. The breeding area located in the park is also home to parrots, tukans, flamingos, macaws and other bird species.

Currently, Xcaret is home to nearly a thousand specimens of macaws, while in Mexico and Central America  there are an approximate 400 macaws in their natural habitat.




In the years to come, we will continue working to reintroduce the scarlet macaw to its natural habitat in the jungles of Mexico, Central America  and any room where they have chance to live and reproduce.  As a first step on April 21st, we  reintroduced 20 macaws into the jungle of Chiapas. Now it is our duty to take care of the species so they can keep on coloring the skies.




Did you know that every time you visit us you collaborate in the conservation program of the macaw? Part of your admission ticket  goes to these preservation projects.