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Macaw breeding program

Did you know that Xcaret has one of the most successful macaws breeding programs in Mexico and the world?


The scarlet macaw, a species considered endangered, is distributed in southern Mexico. Due to the destruction of its natural habitat and illegal trade, the bird is now only found in two well-preserved areas in the jungles of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

The breeding program of the scarlet macaw in Xcaret has been recognized in the past. The park won a Guinness Record for the largest number of macaws’ births in the same installation. The program is also considered one of the last safe havens for macaws in the world.


Recognized as Socially Responsible


The macaws breeding program was filed to the CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy) as best business practice in the environmental category. After several evaluations by specialists in the field, the breeding program was announced as the winner.

Companies from all sectors filed more than 200 practices around various topics that serve as examples of socially and environmentally responsible practices.


Did you know?


The “Solid Waste Management” in 2006 and “Festival of Life and Death Traditions” in 2008, have also won this recognition.


Xcaret and The Macaws


With commitment, dedication and love, in 1993 Xcaret initiated a program of captive breeding of the scarlet macaw (Ara macao) and green macaw (Ara militaris).

In 2009, Xcaret won a Guinness Record for the largest number of macaws born in one place in one year.



The captive breeding program of the scarlet macaw in Xcaret has a central purpose, which is that these birds born in captivity can be reinstated to their environment and contribute to increased populations that currently exist in the wild.

Congratulations to Rodolfo Raigoza, the Wildlife team, Wendy Santaolaya Lopez and the CSR team.
Let’s keep working as we have done until now, with commitment, dedication and love.

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