10 Common Spanish Phrases

to survive a conversation in Mexico

We already taught you some basic phrases in our first blog: words you need to know to survive in Mexico, now we will share with you 10 more for increasing your Spanish level. Don’t be afraid to take out your cell phone in the middle of a conversation to check out this guide, we are sure the other person will appreciate you are trying to talk to them in their main language.

Making new friends

We love making new friends, especially if they are visiting our country. Learn these simple Spanish phrases for keeping up a conversation. Just two basic things most people want to know when meeting someone new. Remember to check our first blog to learn how to say hello!

Things we say in Mexico and what they really mean, read: 6 Things Mexicans Say That You Shouldn’t Believe

1.- My name is… / Mi nombre es…

(mi NOM-bray es)

2.- I’m from… / Soy de…


Eating in a restaurant

You are in Mexico, of course, you are eating in many restaurants. We taught you some very important words about food in the first blog, but these three are also essential when going out for a meal (especially if you are drinking tequila shots)

3.- Bon appetit! / ¡Buen provecho!

(bwu-en pro-VE-choh)

4.- Cheers! / ¡Salud!


5.- Check, please! La cuenta, por favor

(LA-qwen-tha-por fah/VOHR)

Dealing with Spanish level expert

Like all languages, not all Spanish accents are the same. Try to pay attention and listen carefully while having a conversation, if it gets too hard or too fast to understand, here are a couple of Spanish phrases that will help you on those moments.

6.- Could you speak more slowly? /  ¿Puedes hablar más despacio?

(PWE-des ab-LAR mas des-PATH-ee-o)

7.- I don’t understand / No entiendo 

(no en-tee-EN-do)

Anytime useful questions

And last but not least, some basic questions that will help you out of any problem you might have during your visit to Mexico.

8.- What does … mean? ¿Qué significa …?

(kay sig-nif-EE-ka)

9.- What is this? / ¿Qué es esto? 

(kay es ES-to)

10.- What time is it? / ¿Qué hora tienes?

(kay OH-ra tee-EN-es)

If you have visited the Riviera Maya before, you might know that almost everyone speaks a little English. But it is a fact that if you try to speak even these few Spanish phrases, you will have a more genuine and unique conversation with the person you are talking to.

What other words would you like to learn in Spanish?