A getaway with mom

Time for new adventures

Do you remember the first time you went on vacations with your parents? You were probably just a kid, but surely it was a great adventure for them. Especially for your mom, who made sure everything was perfect and according to the plan. Now, the years have passed, and she has become one of your best friends. It’s time for a getaway together.


You’ll create incredible photos and memories

She will never say you’re taking too many photos because she will treasure those memories more than any other souvenir you can get her. Don’t see your mom as a boring person, seek her silly side and take as many photos as you want.


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You’ll get to know here better 

Maybe, when you think of your mom, you might only think of her caring and responsible side, but certainly, if you travel together you’ll realize how much you didn’t know about her. You’ll learn hundred of new things about the person who knows you better in the world and connect in a special way.


Make up for lost time 

We know time doesn’t forgive, and that sometimes work can consume a lot of time, pushing you away from your loved ones. Planning a trip is the perfect solution: you’ll have all the time you want to talk about insignificant things and live wonderful adventures without worring about daily basis stuff.



You’ll discover new places 

If you live in different cities, you’re probably used to texting and calling each other regularly, and only meeting on special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. But why not surprise your mom this time and plan a trip to the beach in the Caribbean or a museum tour in Europe? You will enjoy new adventures together as best friends.




Don’t let more time go by to start sharing new experiences with your mom. We are sure that after the first trip together, you’ll have found a new special travel buddy!


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