ALPZA certifies Sea Turtle Conservation Program

in Quintana Roo, Mexico


If you have visited Xcaret before, you may know that part of your entrance is intended to support conservation programs such as the scarlet macaw and sea turtle. That’s why a big part of the success of these efforts is thanks to you: you should feel proud of this new certification, we couldn’t have done without you.




Why is this certification important?

This certification is granted by the Latin American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums to major conservation programs of Latin American biodiversity. This time, our Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Quintana Roo was recognized as the leader in the region, becoming pioneers in this branch.




In over 25 years of hard work, important information has been generated related to the management of sea turtle populations, both in captivity and in the wild; this has enabled the development of various programs that have been successfully established:


1.- Beach Protection

Its main objective is to protect the nesting beaches and care for turtles during this process, increasing the chances of hatchlings reaching the sea. This program also does female monitoring and collects information for studies.

2.-  Initiation

At this stage, the aim is to increase the chances of survival of sea turtle hatchlings, retaining them while they are still young and then releasing the largest and strongest juveniles to the sea.


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3.- Tracking and monitoring

Over the years, different tools have been developed to learn about the behavior and biology of sea turtles, as Monel steel brands, which allow an individual to monitor any species that is dialed.

4.-  Rescues and rehabilitations

This program works to provide medical care to all sea turtles that are in Quintana Roo who may be injured or stranded.

5.- Environmental awareness

This is very important because it seeks to raise awareness through educational projects: one is the sensitization program for Xcaret visitors inside the Park, and there are other projects which involve the local community.


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The conservation and protection of sea turtles are no easy tasks, you need strong, dedicated and hardworking people. If you want to be part of the change, contact Flora, Fauna, and Culture of Mexico to learn all the ways you can help.


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