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Martin Gutierrez: The True Mayan Lord

Do you remember the man who wore the large, green plumes on his head, and was dancing and shouting during the show Xcaret Mexico Espectacular? He had a skull painted on his face, and wore a jaguar skin on his shoulders and bells on his feet. Would you like to know more about him?


For those who come to Xcaret from other countries, he is a central character of the night. Maybe if they know a little more about Mexico’s History, will understand he’s a governor who lives the splendor of his city when Spaniards come to conquer the New World.  But it is clear he’s an important character and represents the pre-Columbian Mexico. Halach Uinic is an important character of Xcaret, Mayan Park in Playa del Carmen.

Martin Gutiérrez, chief of the Group Xipe Totek, has been the performer of this character.  To create him, he took inspiration from the Halach Uinic, the Great Lord, or “True Lord” who governed the Mayan cities.  It was a position that was inherited from father to son and it was almost like the “divine presence” in the world. He was in charge of the rituals to ask the water and fertility, he sent to build the pyramids and temples.



The costumes for the Halach Uinic of Xcaret, were inspired on the paintings of the archaeological site of Bonampak. Besides some elements are taken of the Aztec s, so that all Mexicans could feel identified with him.

How do you feel when you play this character?

“I feel very proud, I feel excited. You need to be strong for this character, because he is strong and brave, but he also expresses resignation when he’s beaten by the Spaniards.”




Maybe you’ve seen the Halach Uinic shouts some phrases at the end of his part in the show.  It’s a thunderous shout. It’s a call for all Mexican to feel proud of our heritage and to participate in its preservation. It says:

“May my Mayan brother stay here on the Earth.

May my Aztec brother stay here on the Earth.

May they stay, May they stay…”

What is the most moving moment of Xcaret Mexico Espectacular?

What is your favorite character of the show? Tell us!