Find out the perfect Xavage activity for you

based on your personality

As you probably already know, Xavage activities are combined in various ways based on the adrenaline level you want to experience. If you are having trouble deciding which experience you should try, then worry no more, because you can use this small and fun guide to uncover your Xavage personality.


Very Sneaky, almost ruthless with his determination and sagacity. Super-strong, even more, that he shows to the eye. Even when resting he is watchful. Loves water.

If you can see yourself in our crocodile, then this is the activity for you. You can choose to go solo to be left alone with your own thoughts, or you can ride this kayak with a partner to overcome this challenge with someone else. For half an hour you will navigate through your natural habitat, the water, on board a kayak. None less than 950 m where you will put to the test your stealth. Unleash that predator within you.

2.- Barracuda

A born leader, not only adores teamwork but is very good at it. Somewhat reckless, never afraid of making a mistake.

If this fits your personality then for you the perfect activity it’s the Barracuda. This is an aquatic category activity. This is class three whitewater rapids, the only ones in Cancun, powered by Korean turbines. Each raft can hold 6 people. Throughout this 600 m ride, you will have to show your team working skills so that together with your team you can dodge all the obstacles of these electrifying rapids. This activity has a 30 minutes duration.

3.- Puma

Our Puma always takes the lead, always follows her feline instincts. She genuinely appears to have 7 lives, because laced with her love for adrenaline you can find a little bit of madness.

You should absolutely try the Puma activity. You will find an all-terrain route with all kinds of obstacles to overcome while driving the amazing never-seen the fantastic never-seen-before: Rock Crawlers. One entire mile of barriers, where you will put to test your driving skills on this challenging road. This is gonna be the most intense 25 minutes of your life, where you will get to show off your feline agility.

4.- Dragonfly

Extremely impulsive. Takes spur-of-the-moment decisions, very hyperactive, loves speed. Lucky for her and his crew, she is very skilled at improvising and is never afraid to face a new challenge.

If this description fits your personality, you need to try the Dragonfly activity. You and 11 other dragonflies will carry out the mission of navigating this motorized boat throughout the fierce Xavage canals. You will spend 35 minutes thinking fast and taking impulsive decisions, to be able to stir, speed up, decelerate and change directions multiple times. Imagine going at 86k/h during 2.5 miles where you will have to be on constant vigilance, ready to do whatever it takes.

Are you up for the challenge?

5.- Howler Monkey

An adventurous soul. He is in balance and extremely agile. Cannot sit still, he always has to be dangling from somewhere, jumping around, or on top of something. Climbs everything that he sees, the higher, the better,

If you have something in common with our Howler Monkey, then this is the right activity for you. With this open-air category, the activity gets ready to defy gravity. You will have to make use of your agility and all your limbs to jump, climb y swing through 250 meters of ropes, nets, and logs. You will also find suspension bridges so you can walk and admire the hypnotizing view around you.

Of course, there is no need to mention that there is nothing to fear, you will be secured the whole time with a harness equipped with magnets that make an accidental fall impossible.


6.- Hawk:

She is very focused. When she gets in the zone, no one can get her out or distract her from her goals. She sees something that she wants, she does whatever it takes to get it and she gets it. Stubborn like no other.

If you consider yourself a hawk, then this outdoor activity is the one for you. Would you like to soar through the sky at 66ft in the air? With this incredible 400 meters long zip line with your arms wide open like a bird. These will be the most freeing 12 minutes of your life, where you will furrow the sky and nothing will stop you.

Of course, we are not trying to put anyone in a box, we know that people can’t possibly be just one thing. This is why you can choose the activities that better suit your taste and personality so that you can make the perfect combination for you.

You could be a Dragonfly/puma or maybe a Howler Monkey/Barracuda/Crocodile, the possibilities are endless!

I personally think that I am a little bit of everything, I might have to try every single one of them… Oh well, I will make the sacrifice.

  Tell us about your Xavage personality!