You will become a Xensei

A full-time adventure for your senses

If you decide to visit this half-day Park, you will begin a fantastic journey where the main characters will be your senses. Once you take one step inside Xenses Park, you must be prepared to face challenges that will stimulate each and every one of your senses: and discover ones you didn’t even knew you had.

What to expect from Xenses Park?

Upon leaving Xenses, all your senses will be awakened. You will distinguish in more detail the world around you.You will be a Xensei: your own master, who will have traveled new roads with an open mind and a wiser body; all your senses will awaken.

First things first, where will this Park be located?

The answer is simple: between Xcaret Park and Xplor Park. In case you haven’t visited the previously mentioned Parks, Xenses Park will be in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. More exactly at km 282 of the Chetumal – Puerto Juárez Federal Highway in the Riviera Maya, 45 miles from Cancun and 3.7 miles from Playa del Carmen.

What to expect from Xenses Park?

What everyone is wondering, what will I see and do at Xenses Park?

Now that you know a little bit of what awaits you when visiting Xenses Park, we invite you to join us on a journey through the 17 fascinating scenarios of Xenses, which will witness your transformation to Xensei:

What to expect from Xenses Park?

1.- The Pinwheel

The place where everything begins. Here the surrounding reality is changing. Prepare yourself to be part of fantastic scenarios that will challenge your mind.

2.- The Way of Dwarfs and Giants

A game full of ups and downs. Is what you see real? Reconnect with your sense of logic, here you need more than mere sight to cross

3.- The Xensatorium

Identify what your ears see, what your hands hear and what your skin feels. Your perception will guide your way through this adventure.

4.- The Underground Arteries Labyrinth

Your sense of wonder glimpses how you integrate into the inner world of the Earth. Remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, or so they say.

5.- The Eden

Harmonize all your senses into one: sight. Here you can appreciate the beautiful surroundings with more clarity.

6.- Xítrico Garden

Revive the thoughts stored in your memory. Here aromas will be present in your smells and tastes. Trust them, sometimes what you see is not always what it seems.

What to expect from Xenses Park?

7.- The Heartbeat

Disconnect your mind from what you already know. Focus your concentration on the deepest emotions and be guided by the heartbeat.

8.- Townville

Listen to the messages from your mind and body. How is the balance between them? Get ready to live the answer, as this depends on how your way through Townville will be.

9.-The Re-camara

Step here as if in a dream or a surreal picture. A reflective experience where you can see yourself from different perspectives.

10.- The Breather

Get inspired. Enjoy a pause in time and relax your senses in the middle of stunning natural settings before continuing the tour.

What to expect from Xenses Park?

11.- The Tobogan

Activate your alertness and enjoy the dizzying journey that awaits you at the Tobogán. How far will it take you?

12.- The Bird Flight

Let your body move freely with this amazing activity. Turn what you thought you can only live in dreams into reality.

 13.- Riverlaxing

Discover that appearances can be deceiving. Calm down your survival instinct and flow into the peaceful path of relaxation.

14.- The Sludgerie

Immerse yourself from head to toe in this part of the Park. Feel how every centimeter of your skin reacts to the touch of the soft mixture, while your memory backs up to the happiest moments of your childhood.

15.- The Rain

Perceive how you interact with the most vital element, water. Rain will fill you with positive energy that will leave you completely revitalized.

16.- The Cloud

Detect the reaction of your skin when it receives the warm embrace of the Cloud. From here you will leave totally purified and ready to use the senses that you’ve discovered.


Finally, you understand the impulses that determine your reactions. Watch them interact at Marblelous.

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So, what to expect from Xenses Park? An experience like no other in the world. Tell us, which of the 17 fascinating scenarios are you most eager to enjoy? Write a comment.

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