With preventive measures and the 360º Xafety model 

Adventure is back for everyone! 

Xavage reopened after a pause of almost two years, and we went determined to live this adventure travel experience in the most fun park in Cancun, with all the new safety and hygiene protocols. Read on for the details of this travel experience in the new normal.  

We arrived at 8 a.m. As the park opened, we found a moderate influx of visitors and good organization of all the welcome staff. From the parking lot, lockers, and the entrance through the turnstiles, we received clear instructions of the distance we should have, both with signaling and staff who kindly directed us where we should go. 

Tip: you don’t need to carry gel since you will see several modules with instructions for washing and disinfecting your hands, accompanied by a bottle of disinfectant gel that is operated with a pedal to avoid contact. 

When we went to the ticket booth for the bracelets and helmets, we noticed that the staff disinfected everything in touch with us, such as cards, IDs, pens, etc. 

Is the use of a mask mandatory within Xavage? 

Yes, in some areas of the park. Well, more than “mandatory,” what the staff said is that they widely suggest we use the face masks during the entire visit. However, where it is necessary to enter the restaurant. 

For the activities, it applies as follows: it’s necessary to enter each one wearing the mask from the entrance, until the start of the activity. Once you are installed in the car, boat, zip line, or kayak, you can remove it for the Xelfies (automatic photos installed throughout the park). Once the activity is over, it needs to be put back on. 

Although the best practice is that you already bring a mask from home, in stores, there are different options for sale that you can also buy as a souvenir. 

Xavage attractions in the new normal 

Already equipped with our helmets, face masks, locker keys, and an adventure outfit, we went to explore the park’s activities with the curiosity of knowing how much the experience was going to change. 

Before starting, something very particular about Xavage’s activities is that each one is themed with an animal and you will notice it upon entering each one, as they have giant stone sculptures and souvenir shops with products for the whole family. 

Each activity has its own entry processes, but some things they all have in common are the following: 

  • There are turnstiles where you will have to scan your bracelet in order to pass. 
  • You’re going to watch a detailed video about the security measures and physical restrictions they have. Afterward, you will have to confirm if you meet the requirements to be able to do the activity or not. 
  • There are lockers for you to keep the belongings that you probably bring with you, such as a cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, etc., since you cannot enter the activities with them for safety reasons. 


Jet Boat: the speedboat that you will see in the park as “Dragonfly 

This activity is, in short, a full-speed tour through canals aboard a speedboat that is operated by an expert guide in making maneuvers that will make you scream with excitement at all times. 

Use of face mask: When entering, it’s necessary to have the mask on, since you will be in a waiting area in contact with other people that will also do the activity with you and with the guide who will give you the briefing and instructions. Once installed on the jetboat, you can decide if you keep the mask on or not. 

 I have already done the activity twice, once with a mask and the other without a mask, and both times I enjoyed it the same way. If you leave it on, it’ll probably get a little wet because when you make the exciting 360 ° turns, water enters the boat, so it is recommended that you bring a cloth one. 

Zipline: the bird’s flight that you will see in the park as “Hawk 

As the name implies, this activity is a zip line, but like everything in Xavage, it’s very original since you will not fly in a normal harness. Here, the guides will equip you with a different harness created especially so that you can fly in a horizontal position and open your arms wide to feel like a hawk 

It’s very fun. In the beginning, you start with a moderate speed that allows you to observe the landscape from the heights, but later you go through some curves that descend, and the speed increases. You can really feel the emotion of flying through the skies. 

Use of face mask: it’s necessary to wear it through all the processes before the activity, especially when the staff puts on and secures the harness, which happens at least three times. Once you are mounted on the zip line, you can remove it for the photos, but take into account that if you decide to leave it on, it does not affect the experience or the photos at all. You won’t get wet in this activity. 

Obstacle course driving a Monster Truck in the “Puma” activity 

You read that correctly, yes, it’s a Monster Truck and yes, you can drive it through a path full of fun obstacles that will keep you on edge all the way. 

Important: To enjoy this activity driving, the driver is required to have a driver’s license and experience since the road does have a certain degree of difficulty. If you don’t have it, you can go as a co-pilot and enjoy the road in a calmer way, suitable for almost the whole family. 

Use of face mask: here, as in the rest of the activities, you will have to wear it during the queue, the safety briefing, and the process of explaining how the car works by the guide. Before starting, you will have the option of lowering it a bit, which is recommended in case you decide to use the special dust lenses, as this is less likely to fog-up. 

Rafting on whitewater rapids in the activity called “Barracuda” 

This will be your only chance to raft on whitewater rapids in all of the Yucatan Peninsula and believe me, it will be worth it. Regardless of whether you are an expert or a newbie in this sport (like me), this activity is designed so that we can all enjoy it to the fullest. 

The briefing for this activity is one of the longest and most detailed since the guide teaches you to raft from scratch in a few minutes. Although the key to the success of this activity is to be coordinated with everyone on the boat, rest assured that the guide is trained to handle the raft with only beginners. We did test exercises before going up to the river and that gave us a lot of confidence to make the journey more confident. 

Use of face mask: it’s necessary to wear it during the entire briefing and waiting time prior to the activity. Once on board the raft you can remove it and it’s recommended to do so since as in the Jet Boat, in this activity you get wet from splashes, but here, in the end, you have the option of entering the water completely to relax. 

Ropes Course: a ropes course with obstacles in the heights calledMonkey 

A truly oneof-a-kind activity, ideal for trying something for the first time. If you see the photos, it’s likely that at first glance it will seem a bit intimidating if adventure is not your thing, but don’t worry, this activity has options for everyone! Ropes Course has four levels with 24 obstacles each, the first is only 26.2 ft high with firm obstacles to gain confidence, the second at 45.9 ft, the third at 82 ft, and the fourth reaching up to 118 ft, for the bravest. 

Use of face mask: This activity, being very different from the rest, has some considerations to take when deciding whether or not you will use a face mask. For example, due to the nature of the activity, you do the whole tour alone, at no time do you get closer than 20 feet to another visitor, however, you will be in frequent contact with the guides who will be checking the equipment. 

Another important point to consider is that depending on the level to which you decide to climb, the physical effort that it demands can be high, so it’s more likely that without the mask you will feel more comfortable breathing. 

Kayak: a journey paddling through canals through the jungle in the “Crocodile” activity

This is probably the quietest Xavage activity, but a lot of fun. More if you like nature. Here you will have the option of paddling in a Kayak either alone or as a couple. There are also two paths to choose from, one longer than the other. No matter which ones you choose, it is always a good time to take a paddling tour through such beautiful landscapes.

Use of face mask: it is mandatory to wear it during the induction to the activity and all the time that the guide helps you prepare, but once you are alone in the Kayak, you can remove it. If you decide to leave it, it doesn’t change the activity at all since there isn’t a greater physical effort and you don’t get wet.

Water slides in the children area

As we promised, at Xavage there is fun for the whole family and children are no exception. Right in the center of the park, you will find an area full of water activities, fountains, a complex of slides, and wading pools where kids can play for hours. 

Use of mask: it’s not necessary to use the mask in this area as it is considered an aquatic activity. 

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Rest areas at Xavage 

Not everything is action and adventure at Xavage, there are also spaces to take a break and relax for a little while. One of the novelties of the reopening of the park is that now they have inaugurated a pool area to freshen up. You will want to do that after beating the Ropes Course!! 

There are also lounge chairs with umbrellas and a hammock area under tropical palm trees, ideal to wait for your companions in case you decide not to do one of the activities. 

Food included in Xavage

As for food, there are two options: the Xnack, which as its name implies, is a snack area that opens from 8:00 a.m. There you can order unlimited pizzas, juices, smoothies, fruits, and oatmeal cookies. This spot is ideal to stop by from time to time for a snack between activities and thus keep you energized throughout the day. 

Now, the main meal is in the buffet restaurant that opens at 12:00 p.m. In this buffet, you will have a great variety of international foods for all tastes and also Mexican food, seafood, vegan options, and a wild menu for the most daring.  

Thanks to the new 360° Xafety protocols, the service works in an assisted buffet modality. This consists in having the staff help you serve your food behind a screen to ensure that all hygiene and health measures are followed. 

Important note: alcoholic beverages come at an additional cost. In addition, consuming alcohol will prevent you from participating in further activities, so if you’re craving a beer, we recommend saving it for the end of your visit! 

Now you have all the information you need to live the adventure in Cancun at Xavage park. Most importantly: with all the preventive measures and safety and hygiene protocols implemented by Grupo Xcaret.