The nocturnal inhabitants of the Natural Wonder 

Xel-Ha comes alive when the lights go out


When thinking about the Natural Wonder of the Riviera Maya, surely the  first thing that comes to your mind is a turquoise sunny postcard with the beautiful Caribbean Sea as background,  but, can you imagine what happens by nightfall in Xel-Ha? It becomes a completely different world.




Visitors and employees leave Xel-Ha shortly after sunset right before the inhabitants of the Natural Wonder make it all come alive.


What happens when the night falls at Xel-Ha?

For starters, it is undeniable that the darkness of night makes the starry sky  a wonderful sight. When away from an illuminated city, you can perfectly distinguish some constellations and if  you are lucky, you may see a shooting star, this in addition to the calming sound of the waves, makes Xel-Ha a place to remember.

During the nesting season (approximately from May to October), sea turtles come to the beach area to leave their future hatchlings. It is a true gift of nature to see them moving their fins to build their nest, lay their eggs and finally return to the sea.




Porcupines are other species that also likes to go out to look for fruits, leaves and nuts at night. This dinner time schedule is also accompanied by tzereques, small solitary rodents that prefer to look for fungi, insects and seeds as dinner.

The underwater world comes to life as there are also some species that are nocturnal such as the American stingray, which is more active at night and prefers to feed at dusk.




One of the most interesting nocturnal behaviors in the Natural Wonder is the parrotfish, who before bedtime forms a mucosa bubble around its body in order to hide its scent and thus protect itself from predators. And while parrotfish prepares to rest, the green eel takes advantage of the night to go hunting and dine in the corals.

Another inhabitant of the Natural Wonder that stays awake to find food is the Burro Payaso fish, including in its menu molluscs, sea urchins and crustaceans.




After these hours of darkness when some rest to recover their energy and others prefer to hunt,  dawn has arrived and the first rays of the sun make themselves present in the Natural Wonder. The birds begin to sing and it’s time to prepare ourselves to welcome our visitors.