Help us name Baxaal’s daughter

Say hello to the baby manatee.


In February we welcomed a new member to our family: a small manatee who weighed 36 kg and measured 1.22 mt. This manatee is Baxaal daughter (that means “playing” in maya). Manatees are very noble and animals and are the largest mammals in Latin America. In 2001 a couple of manatees that were living on a contaminated pond were rescued,  they were brought to Xcaret and since then they have lived here were a team takes care of them and they participate on  breeding program.





For the Maya manatees were peculiar beings that were known for their sociability. In Maya the manatee is called “chiil”, which means “big sea fish”. Pre-Hispanic peoples believed that if the manatee swam with the current it meant rain. Leyend has it that the manatee learnt to live underwater to survive after the arrival of the spanish conquerors.



While visiting us remember to go to the manatee lagoon and say hi to these friendly animals.

What would you name the baby manatee?

Remember the name has to be in mayan, enter the contest here: