Weddings in Xcaret. An unforgettable experience…

The Xperiencias Xcaret team had the opportunity to meet one of the most romantic Faces of Xcaret: the one in charge of making one of the most magical and memorable moments in our Park come true, the wedding coordinator. Gabriela Rodarte Medrano is the Special Events Manager and she shared with us all the magical experiences that she’s entrusted to perform.

Gaby shared her love not only for Xcaret, but also for her job and the task she has to supervise, making sure every wedding planned inside the Park is perfect. Her job also includes sometimes “being a psychologist and a counselor“.

A number of weddings have been conducted in Xcaret since its beginning, including political figures, and popular culture celebrities such as Mexican actress-singer Patricia Manterola, Paulina Rubio, “la chica dorada”,  the businessman Emilio Azcarraga and the footballer Zague who married the journalist Paola Rojas, to name a few.

Before her wedding planning days, Gabriela worked in the Groups area, where she had the opportunity to attend to personalities in politics such as current President Felipe Calderon and several Latin American Heads of State including Raul Castro, president of Cuba. “At the end of the Latin American summit, Mr. Raul Castro, president of Cuba, told me that the food here was the best he’s tried in Mexico.”

During her one and a half year in weddings, she has worked creating “incredible” moments as she calls them and tells us with nostalgia and teary eyes the first wedding she helped planned, when Edgar and Antonella’s vows were so authentic and moving, she couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

At the end, she explained how planning weddings has changed her life and her concept of this union. She enjoys the professional challenge that weddings represent: “no matter what happens, weddings are going to happenwhether there are hurricanes, influenza, whatever happens, people are going to get married, and it’s a great feeling that you keep working and creating these incredible moments.”

When asked if she would get married in Xcaret, she answered: “Of course, but in one condition, that day none of the people that help me plan the weddings would work. I wouldn’t like to see my friends working during my wedding, I would like to have them seated with me, and there would be new people hired so that my friends could be with me, sharing my happiness.”

This is how we said good bye to one of the Faces of Xcaret and we invite all those people in love to come live an unforgettable moment in unique locations, surrounded by nature and most importantly by the kindhearted people who work to make of this a memorable experience.


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