Creating fun and different things

Foster your creativity

Creativity is the ability to create new, fun, different and valuable things. It’s the way our brain works to solve problems originally. And even if you don’t believe it, creativity is like a muscle that can be exercised and thus improve.

So if you want to foster your creativity, we invite you to continue reading this blog post, because here we share with you some keys that you can follow:

1.- Reconfigure existing things

Don’t be afraid to copy what you like, especially at the beginning, as all the great artists have started trying to follow in the footsteps of their idols. Here is not worth plagiarizing, we only talk about you taking what you like and giving it a new meaning.

6 Ways to Foster Your Creativity

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2.- Stay curious

Act like a child who wants to discover everything, stay alert, always ask the why of things. Inquire, lose yourself, search, question.

6 Ways to Foster Your Creativity

3.- Have new experiences

New people and new experiences foster new things. Surround yourself with creative people, people you admire and learn from them. Share your ideas and work with them, a critique of your work or ideas is the best thing that can happen to you.

6 Ways to Foster Your Creativity

4.- Be very observative

Be very observant, observe everyone and everything. Think about how you could improve things, let ideas flow. Although the first ideas are never the best. When you are in a brainstorming process, don’t stop at the first idea that you find interesting, continue. In the end, you will be able to debug and keep the best ones.

6 Ways to Foster Your Creativity

5.- Try and try again

Creativity is not something that develops in mind only! Dare to do new things, don’t be afraid to smell, touch to feel. Let your senses wake up because that way your creativity will also awaken.

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6 Ways to Foster Your Creativity

Bonus: Don’t be afraid

Do not let excuses, laziness or fear prevent you from moving forward. If an idea comes up, do not be scared to carry it out. Remember that inspiration comes working as Picasso said.

6 Ways to Foster Your Creativity

Now, are you ready to foster your creativity? Do you know more ways? Share them with us.