Hidden places at Riviera Maya

Are they easy or hard to find?

You are enjoying a relaxing vacation at Riviera Maya. With a lot of activities to do and places to visit. However, you heard about some mystic places that turn on your adventure chip. The next step is to do a research about everything you need get in an expedition in the middle of the jungle and visit a cenote.


It sounds like no easy thing, the roads will be though. Discovering the most beautiful cenotes, embracing nature and enjoying a day full of fun well worth it.

How can I get there? Do I need a car? Are they walk-distance?

Like every secret place in nature, you will have to get away from civilization enough, where there is no WiFi. The roads with stones, trees, and bushes will make the route chaotic and tired, so be patient. By the way, there is no way you can get there by walking.


Xenotes Tour is the best option to have the best and comfortable transportation. They can pick you up from your hotel and take you to visit a cenote, or, more precisely, 4 different cenotes. Also they will bring you back, safe and sound. Their vans are specially equipped for the hard roads. Enjoy the ride and the beauty of the jungle!

I don’t know what is a cenote. How they are formed?

Bad luck to you. The information is limited. So, there will be a lot of stuff that you’ll miss like, why do they exist or how many types of them are? Also, the reason for their strange names is a mystery.


That’s not true! In Xenotes we have the privilege of having expert guides that are also culture and nature lovers. Don’t miss any detail of them while they are talking and don’t forget to ask all the doubts that you have. After this tour, you will be in love with cenotes. You even learn some words and legends in Mayan.

Why cenotes are the perfect place for adventurers? Discover it here.

What do I need to swim in them?

The next step is to pack everything you’ll need along the day. For sure you have to bring your swimsuit, towels, sandals, comfortable shoes, snorkel, visors, lifejacket, flippers, and helmet (for rappel). And the list continues…I hope that you used to exercising because that’s going to be one heavy backpack.


Forget that heavy backpack. With this tour, your only responsibility is to bring your swimsuit and a change of clothes. Everything else is included while you enjoy the different adventure activities like rappelling, kayaking, and snorkeling.  You don’t even have to carry your towel. Pack lightly because adventure is just beginning.

It is time to talk about the food.

In addition to your backpack full of things, you’ll need to carry your own food. For sure you are going to burn some calories. So bring water bottles, sandwiches, and fruits. Also, you may bring some snacks so you can survive this jungle adventure.


Please, read this! In this place ain’t no traveler suffer no hunger. Food is also included! Would you like a delicious coffee, fresh fruit, sweet bread or some cookies to have energy. At the last stop of the tour, you will have a glamping station to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. 

Do you like taking pictures?

Forget about it, in the jungle, this is super hard. Your photo equipment or your smartphone are going to get on your way while swimming or kayaking. Good luck if you have the chance to take one or two good photos of the beauty of all the environment.


Another big mistake. The guide has a great sidekick during the tour. They are photographers and they are in charge of taking the best photos of you while visiting the 4 different cenotes. You can forget about your smartphone and enjoy every second of the Mayan Oasis. Like a professional paparazzi, photographers will capture your best dive, the funny faces, and your creativity to zip line into an cenote. Anyway, you can also bring your aquatic camera or use a special case for your smartphone and take as many pictures as you want.

More reasons to get the photo package in Xenotes.

Time to return. How can I leave the jungle?

Another difficult task to plan. Hurry up, pack your stuff and run because there are few options of transportations to get out of there after your visit to a cenote. Sometimes you won’t have time to change your clothes. Believe me, you don’t want to miss the last bus and have to sleep in the jungle.


Friendly reminder: This is a round trip tour! At the end of the day after exploring the jungle you will have enough time to take a shower, change your clothes and pack your things with care. This is one comfortable way to leave the jungle ready to rest. It will be a great day!

So easy and fun is to visit a cenote (or four of them) with Xenotes Oasis Maya.