You can taste it in these unknown Yucatecan dishes 

One of the most delicious gastronomies in Mexico  

Traveling through Mexico and not eating is like getting to know our country by half. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you that UNESCO has considered our delicious Mexican cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Every corner of Mexico has different typical and traditional dishes that have been made in the same way for many years. Among the states that have fallen in love with travelers through the palate are Veracruz, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Puebla, and Yucatán, to mention a few, and the reason for this blog is precisely Yucatán.

Unknown Yucatecan dishes you should try
Foto by Mexico Desconocido

So go writing down why today I will show you the little-known Yucatecan dishes that you should try:

Morcilla a Yucatecan sausage

This dish is similar to the moronga from the center of the country. In the Mayan language, this dish is called Choch. In places like Mexico City, this sausage is prepared by filling the pork tripe with coagulated blood, fat, spices, and it´s smoked.

However, in Yucatan, we added our special touch using meat, as well as chives and peppermint to season the filling. This dish is not smoked but instead is fried in lard with onion, habanero pepper, and Xcatic chili. As you can guess, this is one of the most tasty unknown Yucatecan dishes.

A curious fact is that this dish is consumed in Venezuela, Peru, and Argentina too.

Higadilla a delicious Yucatecan dish

I remember this particular dish a lot because it was my dad’s favorite. Every weekend we would walk from my house to a market in Cancun to eat it.

Along with the delicious black filling, the liver is one of the dishes that few people dare to eat because of its preparation that involves kidneys, liver, tongue, heart, and lungs. Everything is cleaned and boiled with garlic, oregano leaves, and pepper.

Afterward, everything is cut into squares to be covered with a preparation made with sour orange juice and the traditional achiote.

Unknown Yucatecan dishes you should try
Photo by Gourmet de México

Toxel or Tocsel

This dish has a millenary story because the ancient Mayans offered it to their gods as a party dish. The ingredients to prepare this dish are simple: white beans, ground pumpkin seed, chives, chili peppers, and stones. Can you imagine this? You need stones to prepare this recipe.

The preparation is to cook the white beans and drain the water. In a pot, add the cooked white beans, the chopped chives, the chopped chilies, the ground pumpkin seed, and season with a pinch of salt. This simple recipe is part of the Unknown Yucatecan dishes we have found.

The stones have to be placed on the embers so that they are heated and then they are placed inside the pot with the preparation, it´s closed and shaken so that the stones finish cooking the raw ingredients.

It´s done! Isn’t it an easy recipe?

Uknown Yucatecan dishes you should try
Photo by Por Esto

Polcanes a fried dish from Yucatan!

It is another of the Yucatecan snacks that you probably had not heard, and its name comes from the union of the Mayan words Pol means head, and Can means snake. This because many years ago, this dish had an oval shape like the head of a snake.

Today, polcanes are more similar to gorditas and are filled with a preparation similar to tocsel. It is eaten by putting a cabbage pickle with purple onion and sour orange on top.

Unknown Yucatecan dishes You should try
Photo by Los 4 Hermanos

Stones a rare name for a delicious dish!

The first time I heard about stones was ten years ago at a concert in Merida. It is a cheap and very delicious snack.

It is prepared with cochinita leftovers, achiote, corn dough, and it´s served with a pickled cabbage with purple onion and habanero pepper. Some also add tomato sauce and cheese.

To make this recipe is simple, just mix the corn dough with a piece of achiote dissolved and let it rest. Then small thick portions of the dough are prepared and filled with cochinita, then fried.


Unknown Yucatecan dishes You should try
Photo by Mexico Desconocido

Pibihuas the Valladolid´s treasure

It´s an iconic dish of the Yucatecan town of Valladolid, where they were born along with the famous limits. This appetizer is like an elongated polcan, but the pibihua is not stuffed, but after being fried it is stuffed with different Yucatecan stews.

The most common fillings of the pibihuas are the famous Valladolid lomitos, the cochinita pibil, the Relleno negro, pickled chicken, and even smoked meat.

Photo by FoodieFlashPacker

I would have loved to share all the dishes that exist in Yucatan, but this blog would be endless because there many Unknown Yucatecan dishes to discover.

Would you like me to talk more about our Mexican cuisine?

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