The Most Mysterious Buildings Of This Archaeological Site

Discover their legends!

Discovering all Seven Wonders of the World is, definitely, a dream of every traveler. To do so, one must cover the Earth from corner to corner, learning from the world and its cultures. In this case, we’ll be writing specifically of Chichen Itza. The “Pirámide de Kukulkán” or “El Castillo” (The Castle) in Chichen Itza, tends to take all the attention of this Mayan Civilization. It’s quite understandable, considering it as the main event in the whole archaeological site. However, what’s beyond “The Castle,” “The Observatory,” and the “Ball Game”? This ancient ceremonial city hides thousands of legends, some better hidden than others!

“La Casa Colorada” (The Red House) or “Chichan Chob”

This building gets its name because, after being discovered, it still kept track of its original red colored pigment. It is said that the interior still guards some of its details in the original color, even though it is no longer possible to visit its inside. The exciting thing about this building is what the more traditional Mayan families tell about it. Also though it is not written in the books, rumor has it that this used to be a place where people went to heal through naturalistic methods. A type of old hospital ran by the Mayan traditions and wisdom. Plants, animals and other resources were some of the mysterious millenary ways of healing used here. “The Red House” is located in front of the Observatory, just a few steps from “Deer House.”

“La Casa de las Monjas” (The Nunnery)

Located beyond the Observatory, steps away from the Church, this is one of the most mysterious edifications in all of Chichen Itza. Named after being discovered by Spanish expeditions, who found a significant number of rooms inside the building. They thought it looked similar to the Nunneries they knew. Besides being a delight to the eyes, this Pyramid hides a significant secret. In the image, we can see a big hole in the middle (side of the building). It is said that this big hole was caused by a dynamite explosion provoked by a French expedition in search of a treasure… Do you think they found it?

“La Tumba” (The Tomb)

This pyramid is located between the Main Square and the Observatory. Rising up to seven levels and a made from dark grey stone, this building seems to be a small replica of The Castle. However, that is no the exact case. As we know, The Castle was a sacred temple and an adoration site. In contrast, this mysterious pyramid was (or more precisely: is) a tomb. It is said that the seven levels represent each of the seven generations that lay in eternal rest inside this pyramid. We assume the tomb must belong to a very important dynasty, family or persons in the Mayan culture, however, this still is a theme for debate. Who do you think rests here?

Without a doubt, the Mayan Culture is still a great mystery. Filled with treasures in its books, ruins, and most of all, its people. It is an honor to be able to visit and learn about this culture in sites of such historical relevance as Chichen Itza. It’s essential to immerse further into what we see about these mysteries and legends of millenary cultures as the Mayan. Share with us which was your favorite spot in Chichen and which site would you like to know more about!

We’d like to give a special thank you to Santos, who helped and guided us with tons of information through the investigation made in Chichen Itza.