What happens in Mexico… stays in Mexico

 Have you decided where to go this Spring Break?

We have heard some people say that the best destination for Spring Break is Mexico for many reasons, some of them are because of the dollar’s strength against the peso, the drinking age and the country’s many all-inclusive resorts. But where to go from all the amazing beach spots?

Here we list the Top 5 Springbreak destinations in Mexico:

1.- Riviera Maya

For those who still don’t know , Riviera Maya is the name of a group of amazing cities that are very near by: Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cozumel. Puerto Morelos is a small town perfect to relax and eat delicious sea food, Playa del Carmen is the best place to party in all Mexico. In Tulum you can visit the amazing Mayan archaeological site and admire the blue colors of the Caribbean. Finally, Cozumel is a perfect place to Scuba Dive and discover the beauty of the submarine world.

If you are looking for a destination where you can party all night long, wake up the next day to a beautiful turquoise beach and relax in a Natural Wonder, this is the best place to do it.



Home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, the Mexican Caribbean can be the perfect spot to have fun with friends. The southwest side of Mexico has plenty All-Inclusive resorts, a great variety of Eco-Parks, archaeological sites and water activities to discover and must of all, it’s known for its multi-cultural and unique nightlife.

Riviera Maya is very close to Cancun, also an amazing Spring Break destination.




2.- Los Cabos

Outside Spring Break season, Cabo it’s actually a pretty chill resort and fishing town with some excellent surf breaks, but every year around March, this quiet town is a great destination for Spring Break!



Photo by Heather Capri Buna


Two of the main tourist attractions of Cabo are that it is major stopover point for cruise lines, and ships will be parked offshore most days, and that it is a town packed with places to stay. The best resorts are located on a strip called the Los Cabos Corridor, a stretch of beach wide enough for any number of springbreakers to party all night long.


3.- Puerto Vallarta

With a lot of sunny days, a gay-friendly vibe and beautiful beach resorts, Puerto Vallarta is up there on the list of party cities of Mexico. The Zona Romantica or Viejo Vallarta is Vallarta’s tourist hub, packed with hotels, restaurants, bars, and taco stands, this historic neighborhood backs into the mountains making the Zona-after-dark a contained and social place to party.




In the daytime, you can walk through the streets or the beach and find souvenirs such as blankets, silver, and tequila, the latter of which you can find in every flavor and strength.


4.- Mazatlán

Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, Mazatlan is the closest Pacific Resort Town to the US border at 745 miles from the Arizona border, making this a favorite of college students from Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. No matter where you start off, you’ll find plenty of Mazatlan Spring Break here.



Photo by Juan Miguel Perez Ramirez


If you are looking for a destination with a really warm weather, the Pearl of the Pacific is the best choice. It is an excellent way to have fun in the sun and leave behind the winter cold. Some say it has only rained a few days in March over the last 25 years, so your perfect tan is practically guaranteed.


5.- Acapulco

This small city of the Pacific Coast used to be the tourist hit some years ago, it had a great reputation as the ultimate tourist playground with luxury hotels, malls and nightclubs. Nowadays, this beach destination still receives tourism, but most of all Mexican families that live in the central cities of the country such as Mexico City, Puebla and others.




Even though Acapulco is no longer the #1 Spring Break destination, if you go to this city in March you will surely have fun at the beach all day,  party all night long and meet new people.

So basically, no matter where you go, Mexico is the best place to enjoy Spring Break, we assure you if you choose any of these five destinations, you will have live music, sunny days, cold drinks and party all day and night.