10 photos that will make you want to visit a cenote right now

We have noticed that Xenotes visitors share incredible photos in their social networks, so we decided that from now on, every month we will publish one blogpost with the 10 best photos shared on Instagram with #Xenotes.

If you have amazing photos from your visit to these wonderful cenotes, don’t hesitate on sharing them! That way, you could be be part of the following top 10 photos of Xenotes.

10. Kate Hayes sure knows how to relax in an open cenote.

Photo by @k1121love via Instagram

9. And as Vicky Guajardo says, if you can’t have fun doing it, then it makes no sense to do it.

Photo by @vickyguajardo via Instagram

8. Troy Pardon sliding down the zip line with great intensity.

Photo by @troypardon via Instagram

7. Of course the underwater selfie can’t be missing when swimming in a cenote, as Camilo Arias successfully did.

Photo by @camiloarias17 via Instagram

6. The proof that you can cliff-jump to the water and do well in the photo at the same time is given by Pamela.

Photo by @madd_pam via Instagram

5. Natalie MacClaren admiring nature of the cenote Ha’ while kayaking.


4. Melissa Andrews knows how to discover the underwater paradise with style.

Photo by @melissa_andrews via Instagram

3. That face of total emotion when you feel like a child again, just as this photo Tamara shared.

Photo by @tamararoca via Instagram

2. This is how Camilo Arias looks just before falling into the water of a cenote.

Photo by @camiloarias17 via Instagram

1. Ariella Dorville on an epic and stylish jump to cenote K’áak’.

Photo by @arielladf via Instagram

Tell us, after seeing these photos, don’t you feel like rushing directly to a cenote?