The best pro-tips to visit Xavage: Adventure water park in Mexico

June 24, 2024

A fun experience to live in Cancun

If you are one of those travelers looking for a new fun trip, you have come to the right blog because I will show you how to live to the fullest in one of Cancun's most fun adventure parks. Its name is Xavage, and this place is part of Xcaret. Before I give you all the details, let´s start with a brief introduction to this park.


In what part of Cancun is Xavage Park?

Xavage shares facilities with another fun experience called Xoximilco Cancun, a Mexican floating fiesta inspired by the iconic Xochimilco in Mexico City. And the best part? Xavage is just 20 minutes from downtown Cancun, 40 minutes from Playa del Carmen, and only a quick 5-minute drive from Cancun's International Airport.


Xavage Park has two admissions:  

Xavage Basic - includes four activities: Rafting, Ropes Course, Kayak, and Splash Zone, as well as unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and food.  

Xavage All Inclusive -  the ultimate adventure experience, packed with 7 activities; Rafting, Jet Boat, Ropes Course, Monster Truck, Zip-line Flight, Kayak and Splash Zone, unlimited food, and non-alcoholic beverages. It's a great value for the number of activities included! 

You can do the activities as often as possible in both admissions. It´s open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Get yours here:   

Now that you know more about Xavage, I want to ensure you have the best experience possible. So, I'm going to share some tips that helped me enjoy my visit, and I hope they'll be useful to you, too!


How to dress for adventure activities?  

The activities at Xavage are fun, and you will also enjoy some that are aquatic, like the Jet Boat or Rafting. So my first advice is to wear comfortable clothes that can get wet and help protect you from the sun, as well as good water shoes with a good sole. Don´t forget your towel, and bring more clothes to change at the end of your visit.


Can you bring your gadgets? 

Preparing your gadgets in advance can save you from the hassle of packing things you cannot use during your visit. It's crucial to have your hands free for some activities, so if you bring your action camera, consider wearing it on a chest strap, a headband, or your helmet. I highly recommend keeping your cell phone in your locker for convenience. If you bring selfie sticks, remember they cannot be extendable, or else you'll have to store them in the locker as their use is not allowed in the activities.  

If you don´t have these items, trust me, your adventure will be captured by our Xelfies, whom you may find around the park.


Enjoy the Xnack!

Before starting your adventure, stop by this fantastic area, where you'll find all kinds of delicious foods to give you the energy you need to enjoy the activities.  They've got everything from fresh fruit to tasty oatmeal cookies, chilled flavored water, savory chilaquiles, crunchy peanuts, and more. It´s included in all the admissions!

Please know that the menu changes at noon, so you can try different types of pizza and hot dogs with several toppings, but you'll need to try the Cherry tomato pizza. 


Ropes Course

This activity took me to new heights. It has four levels, so you can choose the right one based on your ability. There's no need to impress anyone, so you can go at your own pace and select the right level.Using too much arm strength can make you tired quickly. Instead, make all the effort with your legs to progress through the levels while your arms maintain balance. You'll be given the necessary equipment to stay safe during this activity. 



This was my favorite adventure at Xavage! You will raft down the river of rapids with other adventurers. Here, it is essential that you know which is your most muscular leg; I know it sounds funny, but it is important since that leg will be the one you will have to hold on to the raft to keep your balance and paddle.  

Once you're ready, just relax and enjoy the ride. And don't forget to smile for the camera!


Jet Boat

During this activity at Xavage, my advice is to simply have fun! However, it's important to note that you'll need to leave all your belongings in the lockers before you begin the adventure.  Always listen to the boat's captain, as he will be the expert that will make your tour unique. 



After so much excitement you can relax by kayaking in the canals. You can do it alone or with your friends, you choose how to enjoy it. 

To become an expert kayaker, it's essential to position your back against the back of the kayak for support. To make paddling easier, place your heels in the most comfortable slot for your legs. Here, you will be able to choose between two routes, so enjoy doing it. 


Monster Truck 

This is a fun and challenging track, but keep in mind that it is a test of skill and not of speed. Here is just a tip: Drive at a moderate speed to go through the obstacles and firmly grip your steering wheel. Remember that you must be of legal age and have a driver's license to drive the Monster Truck. 



In this activity, you will fly horizontally like a bird to admire the canals and the Xavage rapids. 

This activity is contemplative, and you can bring your action camera here in case you want to record your flight from above. Just keep it strapped to your hand and avoid using extendable selfie sticks.


What to eat at the buffet?  

After having so much fun doing the activities, we can pamper ourselves by eating the delicious dishes at the Xavage buffet. I can tell you that I consider it one of the best buffets I´ve ever tried. The menu is amazing. You can find kinds of pasta, salads, desserts, grilled meat, seafood, and even vegan recipes.  

But if you want my recommendation, eat whatever you like but leave space for dessert. The flan and guava souffle are delicious. You need to know something important about alcoholic beverages; if you drink them, you can no longer do the activities. 


Splash Zone 

My final tip is for those who want to rest and enjoy the day while waiting to end this adventure. Visit the Splash Zone! This is a new area in Xavage where you can enjoy a refreshing pool, hammocks, and lounge chairs.  

This area also has a special area for kids with splash pools and other activities, so the whole family can relax after having fun for a whole day in Xavage. I grabbed a hammock under a palm tree to enjoy the view, so I invite you to do the same. 


I hope these tips will help you enjoy your visit to Xavage much more. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

Apasionado por lo no establecido, viajo y colecciono historia para compartir con quien quiera escucharlas, tomo fotos para recordar que aún no conozco todo el mundo y amo la tecnología porque alguna adicción debía de tener.


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