Sometimes yelling

worths more than a thousand words

There are kinds of people in this world. Those who just can’t pronounce a word before and after doing extreme things. And those who are quite the opposite, they are so nervous that just can’t stop talking.

Gif by Portlandia

First of all, defining what an extreme activity is, it’s quite hard. Some people are brave enough to do a bungee jump or skydiving. Others may think that the first time ziplining is quite intense, or even learning to rollerskate can be an extreme thing. The point is to feel the rush of adrenaline in our entire body. For this reason, we decided to make a list of thoughts that cross our mind while doing all kind of extreme things.

Before starting:

  • Don’t look at me.
  • You are crazy if you think that I’m going to do that.
  • Do you want to scare me to death?
  • Nop, no way.
  • JAAA
  • Ok, ok, ok, this is the one!
  • Oh God, this is high!
  • Where is the return?
  • I’ll pass, thank you.
  • You can go, I’ll wait right here.
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Xplor is the perfect place to lose the fear of heights. Here are the reasons.

During the action:

  • I want my mom!
  • At the count of three, 1,2,……ah!
  • I retreat, please!
  • Oh Lord, what was I thinking?
  • I thought it was a good idea.
  • How long before it ends?
  • I want to do this every single day!
  • Hold me tight!
  • Hey you! Where are the breaks of this thing!?
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Before it:

  • Can I open my eyes?
  • It wasn’t that bad.
  • I had never shouted that much.
  • Wow!
  • Don’t you ever push me again! Do you hear me?
  • Yes, let’s go one more time.
  • I’m too old to this kind of things.
  • I’m glad you made me do it.
  • I thought I was not brave enough!
Gif by Tenor

Sometimes we dare to do it by ourselves. Maybe we need a little push or to be dragged out by our friends and have no choice than to do it. It doesn’t matter as long we are open to experience new and extreme things to twist our everyday life.

If you are ready to live some adventure and extreme activities, read this.

In the end, we can think a lot of things and only scream our lungs out. Or even say a couple of bad words. It’s ok it is part of the rush, but this is a family-friendly blog, so I decided to cut them out of the list. Anyway, we will feel victorious after a good extreme experience.

What activities or extreme things have you done and what did you think at that moment?