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6 new things to learn in 2016


Developing skills and hobbies will not only make you a more interesting, well-rounded person, but it will also boost the quality of your life through added abilities and interests. So learn on!

Was learning something new a part of your New Year Resolutions? If you have a traveling spirit like us, you probably won’t have the time to sign into a full-time class or a large course. Don’t worry, that doesn’t necessarily has to mean you won’t be able to fulfill your resolution. There are countless things to learn while traveling—some practical things that will save you from stress and some fun things that will save you from boredom.

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Read six things you can learn while traveling the world:


1.- Speak a second (or third!) language

This is probably the first and most common thing you’ll learn when traveling. Whether you learn a rare language from scratch or new ways of saying things in English, it counts as learning. When planning your next destination, investigate the local history and culture, many times they have ancient languages worth learning: as the Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.



Tip: it’s best to learn at least the basic words and phrases before arriving your destination. Look for simple guides and learn a few phrases. Once you arrive, you’ll have the chance to practice with the locals and learn much more than books can teach you.

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2.- Alternative sports and activities

There’s a large list of activities most of us learned while traveling, for example, snorkeling, rappeling, surfing, skydiving and many more. One we recommend a lot is kayaking: a fun simple activity you can practice in many parts of the world. There are places like cenotes that are perfect for beginners because the water is calm and you go with a guide that’ll explain you step by step.


Tip: If you want to go beyond all traditional sports and learn something that will impress everyone in your return: take a Mayan Ballgame lesson in Xcaret.

3.- Prepare traditional local recipes

Eating is a pleasure, whether you are traveling across the world or at home eating your Sunday ice cream. We’re sure you love food as much as us, better yet if we’re talking about traditional recipes: make sure to learn some new local recipes on your next vacation. Mexico is known worldwide for its gastronomy, but there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss during your visit: tacos. They are easy to prepare and part of our popular culture.


Not many people know, but the chocolate was invented in Mexico during the Maya civilization. Learn these traditional recipes with cacao during your visit to Playa del Carmen in Xcaret.


4.- Professional Photography techniques 

Taking photos with a smartphone is very easy and fun, but there’s a wide world of possibilities when photographing with a Reflex Camera. What better occasion to learn professional photography techniques than during a vacation? All the new colors and shades you’ll see, different landscapes, faces, activities: the perfect scenario for a Jr. photographer.


Tip: study the theoretical part of manual photography at home with patience before your trip: you’ll have plenty of time to practice during your journey.


5.- Arts and crafts 

Learning new arts and crafts during your travels will provide you with original souvenirs for your beloved ones and why not? new hobbies. Some of the workshops you can find depending on the destination you visit are ceramics and pottery, watercolor techniques, silver clay jewelry, patchwork or even crochet. When you visit Xcaret, don’t miss the Palm Tree Coconut art Workshop, you’ll learn all the process from opening a coconut to creating beautiful figures with the palm tree.


Don’t hesitate to take a short workshop to learn a new craft during your vacation, consider its something you won’t always have the opportunity to learn at home.

6.- New farming and recycling techniques.

Last but not least, something very useful you can learn during your travels is to be conscious about the environment and how to take action. Every place has its way of creating compost, reusing materials and cultivating in creative ways: learn how to do it and spread the word back home! If your travel destination has many natural environments and landscapes, make the most of it and learn to reconnect with nature.


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Find something you’re passionate about and you’ll discover that being enthusiastic about learning comes naturally.

Are you interested in learning any of these new things? Leave a comment.