The less you care, the happier you’ll be

Unfiltered Summer 

The clock is ticking, summer is almost here and we are so happy about it! There is summer inspiration everywhere, like how are we supposed to dress, look and live, and we usually get all worried about it! Like, “Why I don’t look like that?” or “Where can I get this bikini?” That’s why we decided it’s time to enjoy summer in a real way!

Forget about the beach body

Rule #1 about Summer: Be You. If you learn to accept your body you’ll enjoy even more your vacations, so put on your favorite swimsuit without hesitation and go straight to the beach. Remember this is not a runway and you are not a model, just another person at the beach!


Get a healthy tan (but use biodegrable sunscreen!)

Sometimes we are too afraid of getting all red or black when we try to get a little color on our skin. And we just rather cover ourself up and stay “safe”. However, it’s totally fine if we want to get a tan while we are at the beach in the Riviera Maya! Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen everytime you go out and be aware of how long you have been tanning. Remember that the UV radiation is at it’s highest between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.


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It’s not all about tropical fruits and cocktails.

Okey, this point is very important, let’s remember something: You are in Mexico, and well, we have really good food. Forget about eating fruit salads all the time and give yourself the chance to enjoy a typical mexican dish, like a torta de cochinita or a shrimp ceviche. Yum!


There is no such thing as “Summer Love” 

Let’s face it, we have all wished to meet a Danny Zuko or a Sandra Dee in our summer vacations, haven’t we? But the reality is far from that. You’ll be having such a good time that the only one you’ll fall in love with will be the beach.

Now you are ready to make your own summer story! Remember to always be yourself and to live the summer you choose, not what other people tell you is supposed to be. 

What are your plans for this Summer?