The perfect excuse to travel…Spring break

Make your trip a comfortable experience

Spring break is coming and during the season many people plan to visit other countries in the world; Mexico is one of the most visited due to the vast choices it offers: from archeological sites, beaches to ecological reserves, but if you are planning your first visit out of your country you might like to take a few minutes to read this blog.

Imagine this: it’s your first visit to México and you are wondering how you can get to visit everything in your list but you don’t even know where to start, so here’s a quick guide to consider the perks of taking a guided tour, that way you won’t have to worry about anything.

 Transportation. – This is a frequently asked question: How to get there? Well this is one of the perks of taking a guided tour. Once you have booked your tour you will receive a confirmation e-mail to inform you the time of your pick up. Many tours can pick you from your hotel lobby, that way you just have to choose a seat and enjoy the ride until you arrive to your destination.

The perks of taking a guided tour

A comfortable trip.- We are sure one of your frequent questions while planning your trip is, how comfortable will it be?  This aspect might be one of the most important in your visit because 40% of your trip time will be on the road; that’s why you have to find the best way to do it. A guided tour could be your answer: most of the tour operators have transportation equipped with air conditioned and reclining seats to give the visitor the best experience in your visit and in some cases it includes food and beverage service during the tour, like our service in Xichen Tours.

The perks of taking a guided tour

Time.- When we travel we want to make the most of the time we are spending on the place and visit everything. But the reality is that when you are visiting a city for the first time you may spend a lot of time looking for local transportation and directions. Finding where to catch the bus, how to get back to your hotel…it might be a little confusing. So if you want to spend your time wisely you may prefer to book tours to get to the places you want to visit,plus you can recover energy while sleeping in the tour bus back to your hotel.

Local history.-While traveling we all want to learn about new places and discover, so one of our priorities is to know the history of the place we are visiting. It is ok to go and find it out by yourself but  you should consider that it may take a while. So if you want to play it safe remember that most of the tours have a guide that will be by your side explaining all the interesting facts and stories that will make you get to know better the culture and customs of that place.


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Local Food.-As a good traveler , you might know that you have to eat like the locals in order to truly discover the place you are visiting. Sometimes finding the right places is difficult, in these cases a guided tour is the best choice. They can take you to the right places to enjoy the traditional cuisine and most of the time this service is included in the rate you paid for the tour.

The perks of taking a guided tour

So here you go, now you can use this tips to plan your next trip, where do you want to go?