Beautiful beaches, nightlife, shopping, historic sites, all in one place!  

Cancun is everyone’s dream, due to its warm weather, beautiful views, multiculturalism, fun and parties. Travel to paradise this year and make your dreams come true. Here I’ll recommend the must-see places for a Cancun vacation.


At the entrance of the Hotel Zone, on Tulum Avenue, you’ll be able to take the bus to get to any of the following beaches:  

  • Forum Beach  

You can find it at kilometer 8.2 of the Cancun Hotel Zone. Forum Beach is famously known for being placed behind the popular Forum shopping plaza.   

This beach has umbrellas and lounge chairs that cost around $300 MXN, so you can enjoy the view with family and friends. I recommend you carry snacks, drinks and an umbrella in case you don’t want to rent anything.  

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At the end of the beach, you will find a cement cubes barrier that divides the coast and the open sea, creating a pleasant area where the sea looks like a natural pool. If you like sports you can take a ball and exploit your sports skills.  

  • Dolphins beach  

This beautiful beach is at kilometer 9.8 of the Hotel Zone in Punta Nizuc. It is a public beach, so access is easy. Don’t worry about your car because parking is free! 

It has benches and a viewpoint so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sand and the sea. 


I recommend you visit this beach in the afternoon, bring snacks and enjoy the view with your friends. This is a must-see spot, especially if you want to take a photographic souvenir on the famous volumetric of Cancun.  


Cancun has two super fun parks that you’ll be able to enjoy even on the same day. This is due to the fact that one is during the day and the other during the night.  

  • Xavage   

Xavage is the new park in Cancun and the only one that brings together six different adventure activities in one place. An exciting day is waiting for you where you can climb through hanging challenges on a Ropes Course or paddle through the only canals in Cancun on a kayak.  


Spread your arms and fly through the air at 65 ft high with a speed of up to 18 mph on a horizontal position zip-line that makes you prove that flying is in your nature.  


Enjoy a ride at full speed on a fast jet boat piloted by an expert captain who will give a new meaning to “unpredictable”: twists, turns, changes of direction, increases in speed and more. 


You’ll never know what comes next!  

Your ticket includes snacks, buffet, and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, choose the All-Inclusive admission to have unlimited access to all the activities!  

  • Xoximilco  

Do you like Mexican partiesXoximilco is the ideal place to spend a fun night from beginning to end. Enjoy the Mexican folklore whit your friends!   


Feel the music by singing and dancing with the northern rhythms, the marimba, including the cultural icon: Mariachi. Also, you will enjoy an open bar of many drinks and typical dishes of the Mexican cuisine.  


This park is on the Cancun-Playa del Carmen federal highway. The party starts at 8:00 p.m. and ends at midnight.  


You won’t be able to contain a great shout: ¡Viva México!   


Going to the mall on vacation is a must. We like to visit the shopping centers to take something representative of the place, go for a walk or get to know the city. These are the following places that you cannot miss:  

  • Market 28  

If you want to take Mexican handcrafts or a representative thing of Cancun to your family, friends, neighbors or office partners, I recommend you visit Market 28 located downtown. 

Culture Trip Photo

This market is well known for having different types of Mexican souvenirs and crafts at affordable prices. Also, it has restaurants with typical food and a good atmosphere. 

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 You can find it open from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  

  • La Isla Cancun Shopping Village  

The Isla Cancun Shopping Village is the most visited shopping center in Cancun’s Hotel Zone for being the most beautiful squares in the area.   

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Visiting it is a beautiful experience, but at night it looks even better. With its open areas, navigable water channels, and very prestigious boutiques, you’ll spend a swell time there. 

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It has a wax museum and a big Ferris Wheel where you will have the best views from up above. 

  • Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center  

This new plaza is located at the entrance of the Hotel Zone and has two accesses: through Bonampak Avenue or through the Hotel Zone.   

Puerto Cancún Photo

It’s located within the Puerto Cancun residential complex and is pet friendly. It offers many options in gastronomy, entertainment, and shopping.

You can enjoy nightly activations like local bands playing under the moonlight overlooking the lagoon. It is a great place to walk after a day full of activities.  

  • Malecon Americas  

Malecón Americas is one of the most well-known complexes in the Mexican southeast because it consists of three principal sections: hotel, residence, and shopping center.    


Located on Kukulcán Boulevard in front of the Tajamar pier overlooking the Nichupté Lagoon, it represents a complex with a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment areas.

Malecon Trajamar Photos

If you are looking to have a good time with your family without getting too far from downtown, this place is the ideal option.  

Archaeological Sites

It is essential to know the culture of the place you visit. The archeological sites of Cancun keep a lot of history of the Mayan World, so I recommend these two sites with highly valuable data of this fascinating culture:  

  • El Rey  

Located in the Hotel Zone, it is one of the most essential and most significant archeological sites in Cancun.  

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Its vast area draws a road that runs from north to south, surrounded by platforms with rooms, and it is believed that its alignment was crucial to the other governing areas.  

  • El Meco  

This site can be found in northern Cancun, near Puerto Juarez. It used to be a very relevant Maya navigational route.    

Vivo Paseando Photo

You will be able to appreciate 14 different structures. Still, its main attractions are El Castillo, a five-level pyramid, and The Main Square with a shrine where they performed ceremonies and political gatherings.   

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Learning can also be fun, Cancun has two different themed museums, but each one has something interesting to offer.  

  • Mayan Museum Cancun  

If you want to learn more about the Mayan culture, I highly recommend this place. With its original design and the ideal care of the environment, you will feel very comfortable with the free and closed areas to preserve the relics of this fascinating culture.  

Wikipedia Photo
  • Wax Museum  

The Wax Museum Cancun has more than 100 characters, with more than 25 scenarios, it allows you to feel close to the celebrities. Take lots of pictures with the characters you choose, your favorite athletes, politicians, singers, and actors.   

Cancun Wax Museum Photo

I recommend this activity before you go partying!  


For many people, going to Cancun is the same as going out and enjoying the nightlife. If you already did all the above, you deserve a long night of dancing. Here is a list of the greatest nightclubs in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. 

  • Coco Bongo  

Coco Bongo is my favorite night club because you can have a fun night experience. Here you’ll enjoy the party with incredible theme shows about movies, series or any relevant event of the season.  

Villapalmar Photo

While you are dancing to the rhythm of the music, epic characters will come to you and entertain you with their performances and choreographies.   

Coco Bongo is the perfect place to live a truly international party!  

  • La Vaquita  

I recommend La Vaquita if your favorite music is hip-hop, rap, and reggaeton. This is an open-air nightclub, so you’ll be able to look out into the main street of the party center and see how others are partying around. 

  • The city   

For the lovers of electronic music and theme parties. The City is the ideal place to enjoy a long night of partying. The oldest nightclub in Cancun has years of experience on this sort of atmosphere. It’s best known for hosting presentations by renowned artists and DJs during Spring Break or winter. 

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These must-see places for a vacation in Cancun will fascinate you. Make your itinerary and add at least one of each to enjoy your stay in the Mexican Caribbean. I assure you it will be an unforgettable vacation.  

What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun.