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A little corner in Paradise 

The place you choose to rest during your vacation is essential to enjoy your stay in the Mexican Caribbean. Nowadays, there are many options, and one that has become very popular due to its variety, ease and comfort, is Airbnb. That is why I set myself to the task of bringing you a list of the most wanted Airbnb in the Mexican Caribbean.

Everybody knows that there’s no sea like the Caribbean Sea. There are many places to visit where we can enjoy the sun and the beach, jump into a freshwater cenote, cross the jungle on a zip-line, and not forgetting the incredible expeditions to archaeological areas.

Travel, learning new cultures, learning languages through experiences, and living the adventure… all these things we love so much were, as we all know, going through a brief pause. However, now, little by little, the world is opening its doors again, and we can start planning the vacations we deserve, to enjoy the paradisiac Mexican Caribbean.

In this list, you will find different types of accommodations in the most popular Mexican Caribbean destinations, so you can choose the one that best satisfies your personality or the kind of trip you are taking. Whether alone or with friends, discovering the world is always a good idea.

Playa del Carmen

Famous for its nightlife and fun afternoons on the beach, this destination is ideal for those looking to have a good time full of fun.

Deluxe Studio

If you are looking for an economic place with comfortable and colorful areas, and a swimming pool, this is a perfect choice. And, don’t forget its super host category.

Loft A beautiful classic

A beautiful interior with a crafty touch, handmade wooden doors, perfect location to enjoy the sunlight through the windows, a private terrace with ocean views, and beach equipment ready to be used for your favorite activities in Riviera Maya’s sea. It could be the perfect place for you!


Blue Angel Cabin

This cabin is in the heart of Playa del Carmen, a few streets from 5th Avenue, close to nightlife and different shops. A unique space, small and perfect for a couple’s getaway. It has a terrace overlooking the street and services that will make your stay a lot more comfortable.


A Magical Town in the Mexican Caribbean with a rich history and culture to discover. If you are looking to spend some time at total peace, the beaches of Tulum are the ideal place.

K’u’ Kuk Glamping Domo Semilla

The name of this place means Quetzal nest in Mayan. Being hosted in the middle of the jungle in a truly incredible place is one of the best vacation ideas. Its nature’s authenticity makes it an absolutely special space.


Close to spectacular flooded caves and paths that take you to the fresh cenote waters, in addition to an incredible bonfire that you can share with other travelers. Sounds like the ideal plan in the Mexican Caribbean.

“The Wood Cabin”

This cabin is a highly original space in the jungle of Tulum, designed for travelers who are interested in learning more about Maya culture, listening to the birds singing at dawn and enjoying a pretty starry sky. An ideal cabin to share with your partner.

Tree house

This geodesic dome is in the middle of the jungle, so if adventure is your thing, this may be a good option for you. Found on the Tulum strip, a few steps from the beach, this small place is made of regional materials and it’s a very original way to experience a jungle adventure.


Bonita House

This spectacular house is in the heart of Tulum’s Hotel Zone. A quiet place facing the sea with incredible views. Ideal for a romantic trip as a couple, and to enjoy the quiet beaches and the pool next to the palapa with an incredible rustic finish that makes for a very natural environment.

Isla Mujeres

Another Magical Town in Quintana Roo? Sure! This small island is the place you need if you are looking to enjoy the best sunsets and sunrises, in addition to knowing some of the most popular crafts in Mexico.

Special Apartment “Ronco”

I know that for many, the accommodation’s location is the most important and determining factor in order to decide where you will be spending your holidays. That is why this department is on the list.


The Ronco apartment is in one of the main streets of the island, which makes it easy to access different places. It is close to beaches with fewer people and has private parking. I’m sure you are thinking of choosing it!

Condo Penthouse

Loma Isla Bonita is the highest point of Isla Mujeres. With a classic Mexican style and an incredible view from above, this penthouse will surely be the place you have wanted so much for your trip to paradise. Remember that you will have to climb several stairs to get to your room.


México Lindo House

With a Mexican style, this house with a sea view and a terrace where you can feel the breeze is one of the best options if you are looking for a Caribbean ambiance. Listen to the waves, enjoy beach access and have a pleasant walk between the rocks.



The Bacalar lagoon will make you fall in love even more with the Caribbean beauty. A small place with different activities for those looking to relax and have a more intimate moment.

Lirio Room

This room is in the Oasis Bacalar house, with a separate entrance, ideal for a small family, a couple, or even or just a traveler. It has an incredible lagoon view that you can access during the day.


Enjoy the trip that you planned so much!

Manik House

Live a unique experience in this house in front of one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Mexican Caribbean. Manik House has two rooms, three terraces, and a dock where you can enjoy a pleasant vacation.


Without a doubt, a dream place.


Holbox island is fantastic! Enjoying Yucatecan gastronomy, biking on streets full of sand, lying in a hammock on the seashore, and enjoying a quiet ambiance is what makes Holbox the ideal place for a unique trip.

Gonza House

A trip with friends? This house in Holbox is perfect for this plan because it receives up to 8 guests, although you cannot rule it out for a couple’s trip. This house is on the beach and has incredible views. You will enjoy the sunrise and sunset on front row seats! Just a few minutes from downtown and restaurants if you take a golf cart.


The Pineapple Loft

This apartment is full of color, peace, harmony, and security. Fully equipped to make your stay the best. Near the beach and just a few minutes from downtown. A delicate minimalist style.


House of Charm

This incredibly located house will make you feel welcome on the Island. This place is perfect to have a quiet space. Enjoy its large balcony relaxing with your best company or, if you prefer, by yourself.


There are so many options! Surely you will want to visit all the places, remember that the distances are so short that you can build a good road trip and enjoy the Mexican Caribbean paradise. Don’t think about it anymore and give yourself the pleasure of living a cultural experience, with the beach, the sea and the most fun party you deserve.

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