Love in the times of social media


Do you imagine finding something you thought it was lost forever? Discover the story of Martín and Jessica, and diver Daniel.

1.-The wedding, the honeymoon, and the accident.

The ring was given as a promise of love. According to the tradition, Jessica and Martín had their engagement rings with their names engraved on them. Their rings also had the inscription JESSICA 16 02 13 TYYJCEM  (which meant Tú y yo juntos contra el mundo, spanish for “You and me together against the world”).




After the wedding, it was time for the honeymoon: so like many couples, they decided to celebrate it in Riviera Maya. One day, without even noticing, a little accident would change their lives forever. While they were doing Snuba in Xcaret, Martín’s ring slipped from his finger and fell into the sea. The couple lost faith and thought they would never find it again, so they thought it was a sign of bad luck for their marriage.





2.-The diver, the ring and the kindness of a man.

The ring was found. Months later, a young american diver found a golden ring while he was exploring Playa del Carmen’s coral reef. Daniel Roark found that the ring had an inscription and he knew it was a wedding ring: that meant that somebody was looking for it. Daniel was really excited to find the owner of the ring, so he started a campaign through his social media profiles.




#TheLostWeddingBand was created. The only information that Daniel had was: the date of the wedding, February 13th,2013 ,the name of the bride: Jessica , the acronym “TYYJCEM” and the location. This information along with a photography were enough for Daniel to create a Facebook post using the hashtag #TheLostWeddingBand.





3.-The power of Social Media.

The story of the ring became famous. Without knowing the virality of the post, Daniel was determined to find the couple that were the original owners of the ring. He asked anyone who knew a couple that got married on February 16th, 2013, to contact him through thelostweddingband@yahoo.com. His famous catch phrase was “Let’s make some social media magic happen!”, and he made it. The HT #TheLostWeddingBand was used over 200,000 times.




The owner of the ring was found. After a long search Daniel Roarck found the couple: Martín and Jessica from Mexico. The story became really famous worldwide thanks to the people who helped Daniel through Facebook and Twitter, the magic of Social Media made Daniel’s dream come true.


4.-The reunion in Riviera Maya.

Do you imagine finding something you thought you had lost forever? Thanks to the kindness of Daniel, Jessica and Martín got their ring back in a beautiful mayan ceremony in Xcaret and a vows renewal at Grand Velas Resort & Spa.  Daniel  had accomplished his goal: he returned the ring , this symbol of hope and commitment to the couple.





What did you think of Daniel’s mission and the power of Social Media?

If you want to discover more about the story, see the official video here.