Day of the Dead announces her arrival

Ix’Tabay in the Festival of Life and Death in Xcaret

The Ix’Tabay, behind the ceiba tree waits to attract men and take them with her.

The legend says that Ix’Tabay was a woman with a kind heart who in life looked to help the needy and the homeless, however, she tend to give love to many men. On the other hand, her sister Utz-Colel was cold-hearted and proud, never willing to help anyone and rigged by society’s terms of lady-like behavior.




Upon the dead of Ix’Tabay, her tomb was filled with beautiful flowers with an exquisite aroma that sprouted from the ground. Utz-Colel was surprised and believed that when she died, virgin and pure, flowers more beautiful than her sisters would sprout from her tomb.

To everyone’s surprise, upon Utz-Colel’s death her body gave off a foul smell. Confused and with envy in her heart for her sister, Utz-Colel asked the evil spirits to be able to return to earth and do as her sister, surrender to the love of many men. Her wish was granted and now Utz-Colel returned to the land of the living to seduce men, bewitch them and finally destroy them. Now, Utz-Colel, who poses as her sister Ix’Tabay, waits at the foot of the ceiba tree and attracts men to lead them to their death.




On the paths of Xcaret, Ix’Tabay! The suhuy warns of spells of beauty and the scent of death. Join us this October 30 and 31, November 1 and 2 to live a lively tribute to Day of the Dead at Xcaret.


Day of the Dead in Xcaret


The Festival of Life and Death Traditions is a celebration full of color, music and tradition; a varied program of activities for all ages, with which visitors can experience and enjoy the tradition of Day of the Dead ( known as Hanal Pixán in the Maya world ).

The festival has taken place in Xcaret since 2006 and its main goal is for society, artists groups and independent performers and artists gather into an integrated sample to share the different ways we celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico. The festival includes art exhibitions ranging from theater performances, music, dance, photography and altar displays.




Each year, the festival has centered on a main theme and hosted a guest state. This year the legend of Ix’Tabay is present and accompanies us as an essential part of the 8th Edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Xcaret.