Get the most of your visit to Xel-Há

Discover the ideal route to enjoy the Hidden Wonder


Xel-Há is a park with more than twenty activities and is pretty big so perhaps in a first visit, you do not get to know everything. But don’t worry because in this blog I will share with you the ideal route to enjoy the park making the most of your time and activities.

1.- Arrive early

To start with the right foot, we recommend you to arrive at the park as soon as possible. Either at 8:30 am that opens or at 9:00 am that people start coming. From 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. it is the time when the tours start arriving, and you could lose valuable time in the queue for the ticket offices.



2.- Schedule your optional activities

While you are waiting for the breakfast, we recommend you go to the Optional Activities box office which is located at the entrance to the park on your right hand. There you can schedule your optional activities.

You can discover them here: 11 Fun Activities That You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Xel-Há




Tip: schedule your activity during the first hours of the day, that way you’ll be free to continue enjoying the park with no interruption afterward.


3.- Have Breakfast

After having scheduled your optional activity or activities, we advise you go to the Chulavista restaurant, which serves breakfast from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. There you can enjoy delicious green chilaquiles accompanied by scrambled eggs and beans.

Here you can find the breakfast menu and the gastronomic offer that the park has for you: Guide To Choose Where To Eat In Xel-Há.



Remember to eat food that gives you a lot of energy, but that at the same time makes you feel light enough to carry out all the activities that are coming.


4.- Do your optional activity or go to the beginning of rivers

After having had breakfast, It is time to go to the corresponding area to perform the activity previously booked. Each one takes around 30 to 40 minutes, and although most of them are around the Inlet. I recommend you to measure your times since walking from one point to another can take from 5 to 15 minutes.




In case you haven’t chosen to do any optional activity after breakfast walk directly to the lockers to store your things and go to the beginning of the river. In red lockers module, you can pick up your snorkel equipment.

Remember not to carry any valuable items such as rings, bracelets, sunglasses that you could lose while enjoying the park.

5.- Take a bike ride

To get to the beginning of the river, you can do it in two ways: with a rite in our train or by bicycle. We recommend you to choose the bikes since they are amusing, but besides that, you will be able to observe flora and fauna of the region. Also during this tour, you can visit the Chacah’s Garden.



6.- Enjoy the river

You can choose between enjoying the river floating on an inner tube or snorkeling. We recommend you to go in an inner tube but take the snorkel equipment with you because if you feel like it, you can explore the marine life of Xel-Há.




During this ride from the river to the inlet, we invite you to lose your fear and jump from the Cliff of Courage. itinerary You can choose between Salpichangas (zip lines), rope obstacles, Trepachanga or Slackline.




Don’t forget to smile all the time with our cameras. All the photos you take can be purchased in a package at the end of the day: The Best Spots To Take Aquatic Photos In Xel-Há

7.- Discover the marine life snorkeling

Having already gone through the World of Adventure and reached the Inlet, we recommend you snorkeling. Marine life is very abundant. The best areas to explore are indicated with fish flags.




The best snorkeling spots: Guide To Find Fish In Xel-Há.

8.- Lunchtime

After snorkeling, you will surely be hungry. I recommend you to leave the Inlet, return your equipment at the flag area module and get ready for one of the best times of the day: meal time.




We have several restaurants that we are sure will cover your expectations. But no matter which restaurant you choose, it is mandatory to accompany your meal with our specialty: our lemon margarita.

9.- Discover the best views at the Scenic Lighthouse

After lunch, go to the newest of our attractions, our Scenic Lighthouse. This activity opens from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. In it you can admire the best views of the Caribbean Sea and if you want you can slide down in one of our water slides.




Read our recommendations when going up to the Scenic Lighthouse: The Best Spots To Take Pictures With The Scenic Lighthouse.

10.- Cross the Floating Bridge

Having already visited the Scenic Lighthouse, cross the Floating Bridge. You can’t say you came to Xel-Há if you didn’t pass through there. It’s a fun experience, and on the other side, you can take pictures with the 2018 stone.



11.- Enjoy the hammocks

After having done all of the above, the only thing left is to get ready to leave the park. While you wait for your transportation, you can lie down in a hammock and enjoy some of our drinks.




I hope this route will be useful for you. If you have already visited the park, tell us what your ideal itinerary was.