If they could follow their passion

What’s stopping you?

Nothing will make you feel more alive than following what you love. How many times have you asked yourself what would have happened if you had continued practicing your favorite hobbies? Whatever it was; play soccer, play the piano, paint, whatever. I’m sure, you’re perfect.

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Sometimes, we just need a little inspiration to continue. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to extraordinary people who continued and perfected their hobbies. They followed their passion in spite of everything, and now, they are the inspiration that many of us need.

I present to you these superhumans and their strange hobbies:

Dan Mancina

He is 30 years old and a skateboard professional. He was born in Michigan and lived in California, United States. When he was only 13 years old, he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative condition of the eyes that eventually left him without 95% of his vision. At first, Dan left his passion; the skateboard but one day he felt inspired and left home to continue his hobby. His first attempt was with a wooden box, and he turned his cane into his best friend. That’s how he found a way to continue with skateboarding.

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Marcos Velázquez

He is one of the biggest champions of the triathlon in Mexico. He is 45 years old and lost his sight at 14, due to a head injury that caused him, retinal detachment. Marcos moved to Playa del Carmen 6 years ago, where he started running and exercising. As he says: “It was something that moved my wife and son” and soon it was the inspiration of many. Marcos was afraid of the sea when he started in the discipline of triathlon but one day he decided that he would do it and nothing has stopped him since then. He is the first blind athlete to finish Cozumel’s IronMan and his favorite phrase is: “I do not try anything, I achieve everything.”

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Bethany Meilani Hamilton

From very young Bethany knew that the waves were her passion. When she was 9, she got her first sponsorship from a large Australian company with her best friend, Alana. Everything seemed to go perfectly with her career as a surfer until 2003. During a trip to the beach of Kauai, she was attacked by a tiger shark that amputated her left arm. Her life was in danger but even during her recovery the only thing she thought about was going back to the sea, which she achieved in less than a month after the attack. She is an excellent example that there is nothing impossible, winning surf tournaments around the world.

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Aimee Mullins

When she was a baby,  Aimee suffered the amputation of her legs, but that didn’t stop her from following her dreams. She became a model, an actress, an athlete and she worked for the Pentagon as a motivational speaker. During the Atlanta Paralympic Games in 1996, she broke two records. She was the inspiration for the designer Alexander McQueen and chosen one of the 50 most beautiful people by People magazine. Her excellent work as an athlete and speaker has led her to collaborate with non-profit foundations such as Women’s Sports Foundation and TED. Her favorite phrase is “The greatest disability that one can create for oneself is the idea of normality.”

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We often think that life puts us in situations that we can never overcome but the perseverance and motivation will always help us out. It’s never too late to continue with our plans, and the best example are these superhumans who despite having everything against managed to achieve what they dreamed.

We would like to know what your hobbies are, share them in the comments.

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