Ancient and impressive buildings

of a prehispanic world

We are lucky to have the chance to admire and visit ancestral cities with pyramids that let us know about the prehispanic cultures in Mexico. Despite the time, the highest monuments still captivate us with their greatness. Also, they are an essential part in understanding the history of our ancestors.

How tall are the highest pyramids of Mexico?

These buildings that are still standing were once used for the novelty, priest and wise men. They are proof of the knowledge and ability of those civilizations. Religious ceremonies used to take place in these buildings.

The highest pyramids of Mexico

The Kukulcan castle is the smallest of the list. However, it is one of the New Wonders of the World due to its beauty and its construction as a prominent and exact calendar. One of the most important references of the Mayan world in Yucatan. It is important to mention the symmetric distribution about the constellations and the visual effects that reflects on its steps during the equinox.

The Nohoch Mul at Coba is as tall as a 10-floor building, with 138 ft. Tall. You can still climb its narrow steps to discover one of the most impressive landscapes of Quintana Roo. Also, this city in the middle of the jungle once had more than 50,000 thousand inhabitants.

In the middle of a Biosphere Reserve, we locate another Mayan city called Calakmul. Its highest building is 180 ft. Tall. UNESCO declared the Structure 1 and the entire archeological site as Human Heritage. Due to their historical relevance and the vast nature of the reserve. It once was the capital of the Mayan world.

The Sun pyramid is a symbol of the greatness of the prehispanic world in Mexico. Built at the end of a roadway known as “the avenue of the dead” in the mystic city of gods, Teotihuacan. After all, it’s construction is full of mysteries. For example, the recently discovered tunnel of 300 feet long that connects with a cavern.

Cholula is proof of how during the conquer, pyramids and religious buildings were destroyed or replaced by Catholic churches. Cholula pyramid has the “Virgen de Los Remedios” church in its top. However, it is so big that we can admire parts of the original building. In fact, its base is one of the biggest in the world with 1470 feet per side.

At the top of the highest pyramids of the ancient world of Mexico is Tonina, at Chiapas. It measures 246 feet tall.  Also in this building of 7 platforms, you can find more religious temples, government offices, and houses. It is also believed that this city rivaled Palenque. And the entire site has more than 1700 years of antiquity.

The highest pyramids of Mexico

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