Protecting the harmony of paradise

The mythical origin of Xel-Ha


The origins of Xel-Ha are lost in the mists of time, when the stars were turtles and scorpions, the moon was a giant rabbit and the land was the back of a green crocodile floating in the vastness of the world, in whose center an immense Ceiba nourished the realm of life with its sap.




The spirit of Hunahpú floated on the water when the gods came together to combine the best of each of them in a single point on the Earth. They created two Mayan worlds, which they joined to form one that would mean “where the water is born“. And so Xel-Ha came into being, a paradise of emerald waters, fish of a thousand colors, a luscious jungle and white sand, where the underground rivers of fresh water mingle with the salt of the sea.

The gods were so proud of their creation that they decided to send three guardians to protect it: Kay-Op, who watches over the crystalline waters; Huh. who safeguards the verdant land; and Chuc-Kay, who preserves the backdrop of blue sky.



Kay-Op, guardian of the crystalline waters



Huh. guardian of the verdant land



Chuc-Kay, guardian of the blue sky

As time passed, Xel-Ha was transformed into the most beautiful natural aquarium in the world, and became a paradise of dazzling beauty, where humans walk in harmony with nature. At a time when deforestation and pollution are the norm, Xel-Ha has preserved its forests and blue skies intact.

The gods sent their guardians to discover the secrets of this harmony with the natural world, but stripped them of their divinity so that they could explore Xel-Ha as creatures of flesh and blood.

Huh, Kay-Op and Chuc-Kay, now in the form of an iguana, a fish and a pelican, descended from the world above to uncover the mysteries of Xel-Ha. They are going to show us the keys to finding love for life and respect for all creatures, the only possible way to live in harmony with Mother Nature, the basic ideology of this natural paradise, this place “where the water is born“.


 Tell us, in what part of Xel-Ha have you seen the flesh and blood guardians?