Food trends are all around us

Which one will you follow?

January is the perfect month to guess and bet on the new trends of the year, and the food is not behind. Will you eat dark or colorful meals during 2018? This list will tell you the food that will challenge your taste and open your senses to new experiences… if you dare.

1.- Colors everywhere

2017 was the year of colors, but 2018 is not behind. More colors will reach your daily meals like this cheese grilled sandwich that will challenge your taste. And, be honest, you’ve always wanted to eat a rainbow. Well… prepare yourself because for sure, this year you will.

2.- And black makes its appearance

Such as colorful food, black food will be an important trend. Black food has been waiting its moment, it has conquered country by country and mouth by mouth, but 2018 is its year. How about black rice with some insects?

3.- Weird and funny ice cream flavors

You haven’t tasted nothing. Do you know Mexican mole? Well, ice cream with that flavor exists, and it is AWESOME! But that’s not the weirdest ice cream flavor that you’ll taste this year. How does a Hawaiian pizza ice cream sounds?, I told you, this year will absolutely challenge your taste buds.

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4.- Coffee that you don’t want to drink

The most creative and cutest way for drinking coffee will reach you. Cups of coffee with amazing shapes will arrive at you very soon, and it’s gonna be tough to drink them because they are a piece of art!

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Merry Christmas Eve

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5.- Pizza in a cone!

The powerful taste of pizza in one cone. I’ve always thought that my dreams had pizza cone shape… and well, now they are real. Excuse me, I’m gonna go find some pizza cone…

6.- More colors…

Sponge Bob knew that the color burgers were a thing and some genius decided to recreate this strange trend, and I have to say, it is awesome. All I want to do right now is to eat a blue burger with french fries.

7.- Galaxy cones

These extraterrestrial cones are the most challenging food of this year. Create your own cones with galaxy colors with incredible ice creams flavors. Prepare yourself to see them and taste them!

8.- More cheese, please!

Everything you’ll eat, you’ll prefer it with double cheese. Have you seen those videos with melted cheese on everything? Well, stop dreaming with those tasty dishes, you’ll be able to taste them by yourself.

9.- Terrari-yum

Edible terrariums have arrived, and they are delicious. Cactus, rocks, sand and everything you can find on a terrarium, but made with chocolate and caramel. How could we live before this?

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Terrari-Yum! A cake in disguise

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10.- The sweetest cotton

China, you did it again. Yes, sugar cotton can be even better if it has amazing animal or flower shapes. The sweetest way to eat a flower is this one

Do you know any other food that will challenge your taste? Share it in the comments!