A very emotive moment

Appreciating my culture with the rhythm of arts

If you have visited Xcaret, you may know that the day ends with a magnificent display of culture, arts, and music called México Espectacular. For almost two hours you will enjoy and learn about Mexican culture, history, and traditions. Today I will tell you how I rediscovered this presentation when I returned as an ordinary tourist after living abroad.

Coming back home


In 2017 I left Mexico looking for an adventure far away from home. I only had my backpack and a suitcase full of dreams and hopes that, luckily, made it through the weight limit imposed by the airline. While I was adapting to a new culture, a parallel process started to gestate within me: I began to appreciate my culture and origins even more.

More than one year later I came back to Mayan territory for the holidays with my girlfriend. Days before this, my mind realized this could be a dilemma… How would it be for me to come back to this place I used to call home? I was returning now as a foreigner, as a tourist; I knew that everything would be familiar and strange to me, something hard to explain.

Xcaret, the breakpoint in this trip


This return was divided into two phases: seeing my family and friends was the first step. Obviously, this meant a big joy for me. The second phase was much more complicated: a re-encounter with my land, culture, and traditions. Luckily this happened gradually during those two weeks, but a date stood out on the calendar: my visit to Xcaret.

Why was it so important? Easy to explain, in its facilities, you can find a small representation of Mexico’s vast and rich culture; Xcaret is like an embassy showing all that this beautiful land has to offer. This also meant an express trip through my land and real contact with its traditions.

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The expected moment


My day at the Park passed by usually; the joy and amusement invaded again like every time I visit the park. The sunset came and with it the reminder to assist the “appointment” I had with my origins. The equestrian show made me shiver when I saw the Mexican flag entering the stage by the hand of an elegant rider. That was just the beginning of this experience.

I took on the way to the Gran Tlachco waiting to get a good seat; I wanted to be the closest possible even when I already know the performance. After some pictures with the Mayan Warriors, I took my place in that grand theater. My legs were shaking, showing my nervousness by going up and down and leaving the fatigue from the day behind.


The movement went down parallel to the dimming lights in the scenario. The candles started to light up, and a big screen displayed a colorful video about Mexico. My hands were moving in weird patterns trying to tell to my German girlfriend what we were seeing and listing the places I have visited.

A few minutes after that, a ball rolled over the stage showing a traditional sport played by our ancestors; the emotion reached a high level, just as when I see my favorite soccer team play. Unfortunately, this affected my ability to explain the basic game rules to my couple.

The performance of Mexico’s Conquest bristled my skin and made me reflect on our origins. A touching act showed the birth of what we nowadays call Mexico; this was also the reason for the first lump in my throat during that night. Fortunately, it disappeared with the pause.

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Sing and don’t cry, muchacho


The second half of the show started, and I was full of enthusiasm. The short break helped to hydrate my mouth and prepare it for the upcoming part: an incredible selection of traditional songs, dances, fun, and a lot of feelings flowing through my body.

The melodies were entering my ears, passing by my brain and coming out through my mouth, now with the company of my voice. I discovered how ingrained in me those songs are: I learned some of them from my family, while others stayed thanks to school festivals where we represent Mexico’s independence and Revolution.

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My skin started to bristle even harder in the final stretch; for some moments I forgot I was born and raised in Mexico City and began to sing songs about other regions like Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, or Jalisco, some of the other states of Mexico. The lyrics of “México Lindo y Querido” touched the most profound fibers in my heart thanks to my current situation. With that song’s rhythm, I could reflect on what does it mean to be part of the Mexican diaspora.


Already with glassy eyes, I enjoyed the last melody: “México en la Piel.” It describes with class and detail the feeling of being Mexican with metaphors listing this country’s wonders. The first tears started their way through my face just to die with a broad smile.

Suddenly, the narrow lump in my throat dissipated; the stage was covered by light while colorful macaws fly over us. I stood up and started to clap as hard as I could; other Mexicans began to emerge from the crowd singing with pride or land’s name. At that moment, singing altogether, I realized Mexico lives in my heart.


That was my experience during the México Espectacular presentation, now, tell me: What do you feel about your country? What makes you proud of it? How did you feel seeing this show?