Hidden corners and unsurpassed landscapes through the Xavage Zip-line path 

Xavage is one of those places full of secrets that, while not seen with the naked eye, are an essential part of what makes the park a wonderful place. Among these secrets, something that stands out are its amazing views and hidden corners. Without a doubt, something you’ll never be able to see if you don’t visit the park. It’s not enough to look from afar or zooming in on a friend’s, it’s an experience better lived in one’s own flesh. Choose the day you’re visiting, prepare your camera and pay attention, you’re about to discover the best views in Xavage.  

When researching about the park on its official website, on social networks or through blogs, you’ll find a vast description of the activities, general information and even useful tips for your visit. However, its views and landscapes are an element that can easily be overlooked, even though it is one of its most valuable details. 

Xavage park

The first challenge 

There is no doubt that transforming an old abandoned marl quarry into an lively park is a challenge that not many would be encouraged to face. Grupo Xcaret, meanwhile, decided to make it its goal and create not only one, but two wonderful parks to join its fun portfolio. Unlike its other parks, Xavage’s land was incredibly arid. Vegetation would take time to be reflected, but it was a task that would definitely not be impossible. 

More than seven months after its official opening, we are able to find in its interior flashes of an indescribable beauty. In addition, if we are curious and know where to look, we’ll find those little corners that seem taken from our dreams and fantasies. 

xavage sky views

Although Xavage is not of massive dimensions, this represents an advantage when moving from one activity to another. A great tip that you should take into account when visiting the park is to pay close attention during these paths. When planning the layout of the site, care was taken that, with each step, you could continue enjoying your experience. This has been reflected in various activities, where the route from the entrance to the platform leaves you amazed with the best views in Xavage. A great example of this is its original zip-line. 

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Xavage Zip-line 

In the case of this activity, as it happens in some others at Xavage, the route you take from the entrance to the platform, where you are prepared with the briefing and the equipment, is a bit more extensive. This translates to a short walk of approximately 2 minutes where you are surrounded by privileged landscapes that you will hardly get from another point in the park. Between bridges and trees you will feel as though you were in a different place! To begin with, you will get the best view in the whole park towards the Ropes Course. 

xavage zip-line entrance
xavage zip-line entrance 2

The Ropes Course is one of Xavage’s most attractive activities due to its size, with its highest level being up at 118 ft (36 m) in the air. It’s also one of the most visible from the outside. However and surprisingly, this angle is not the one that best compliments its surprising magnitude. Without a doubt, one of its best views is from below. This is something that you can only achieve from the path that takes you to the zip-line. All you have to do is look up to see the huge pillars that connect the different obstacles to each other. You can also see people concentrated and paying attention to each of their steps to get to the next. 

Without a doubt, suspension bridges are something very easy to relate to adventure. This is due to the thousand and one references that we see in movies where the protagonists cross them on their way to find a hidden treasure. Therefore, you will find many of this type in an adventure park like Xavage. These will connect you from one place to another faster, passing over the canals through which Kayak and Jet Boat go through. 

hanging bridge

Once your equipment for the zip-line is ready you will have to climb the platform. These are located on top of two spiral-shaped stone towers. Soon you will be located on a staircase that resembles the interior of a snail. As you go up, you discover details of the background landscape. It doesn’t matter if you look up or down, the views of Xavage that you’ll get offer you beautiful landscapes. 

Even if you look outside, just before reaching the platform, you can find those special corners of which we talked about in the beginning. On one hand, you will find the superstructure of the Ropes Course, while on the other, you will see the first glimpse of the Xavage Zip-line. 

The time has finally come to get on the zip-line. You know it’s the longest in a horizontal position and you cannot wait to get on and experience it yourself. The brief seconds that the guide takes to adjust the harness seem eternal to you knowing that you are just one step away from a unique flight. However, this is where you should relax. Let yourself go and enjoy the relaxing journey feeling the breeze caress your face. Just don’t forget to keep your eyes open and appreciate the landscape!  

On your way back you must remain very attentive, as there are still views in Xavage to discover. Rowing in the Kayak or making 360° turns in the Jet Boat are not the only ways to appreciate the canals of the park. On the way back you’ll be able to see a little of them too. Enjoy the foliage of the trees and the tranquility of the waters around you. There is no hurry here, so if you’d like you can wait a moment and just observe. You may even hear in the background some birds hidden among the vegetation. 

Something that you will definitely not be able to find from another point in the park, is a look from a different angle towards the building of La Isla. The only thing that connects it to the mainland is its stone bridges and, in turn, you connect with the different points of the park. It is your point of entry and exit to the buffet restaurant, the ticket booth and even the exit of the park. Take a minute to appreciate not only its importance, but its architectural beauty. 

La isla building

You have already arrived at the exit of the Xavage Zip-line and you still have many fun activities to try and other wonderful views to discover. When you visit the park you will not want to forget your camera at home. Just make sure that it has the necessary accessories so you can adjust it to the helmet or your vest and be able to use it in the rest of the activities. If you don’t bring one, it’s not a problem either! Your eyes will capture the memory of those unmatched views in your memory for the rest of your life. And of course, you can always get the photo package at the store, keeping your fun memories forever! 

What other views in Xavage have you discovered in the park?