The Scenic Lighthouse of Xel-Há

It will be the ideal complement to your holiday photos

The Scenic Lighthouse, the new attraction of Xel-Há Park will be the perfect complement to your photos, this because of unusual nature surrounds it. In this blog post, we share with you the best spots at the park where you can take amazing images having a background our impressive lighthouse. We are sure you will love them.


1.- At the Observatory

At the Observatory, besides being able to observe beautiful colorful fish, you can also take photos with the view towards the Scenic Lighthouse. It looks great, don’t you think?




2.- In front of the Red Lockers

Close to the inlet, there is the red module of lockers, one of the five that the park has. If you plan to keep your things in this module, you can’t miss the opportunity to take a photo in front of the inlet, which will frame our Scenic Lighthouse.




3.- In front of the Inlet

Enjoy the beautiful view offered by the inlet and take the opportunity to have a photo like this one.




4.- On the rest platform

If you are coming down from the river, you will find a resting platform, where you have to stop for a minute and admire the natural beauty that surrounds you and why not? To take a picture like the one below.




5.-  At the Salpichangas

A beautiful turquoise color surrounds the Adventure World where next to the Salpichangas you can take beautiful photos with a background that will cause envy among your friends.




6.- At the Adventure World

At the Adventure World, you will find a photo spot that looks towards the inlet and where if you stop for a moment you can get a photo like this one.




7.- In front of the Mayan Cave

This is one of the favorite photo spots of our visitors. It’s a photo spot located at the entrance of the Maya Cave; the landscape is beautiful, don’t you think?




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8.- At the floating bridge

If you are going through the Floating Bridge, this point is a mandatory stop to take a photo like the one that appears below.




9.-  At the beach area

Behind the Scenic Lighthouse, there is the beach area where you can get this beautiful view.




10.- Next to the Stingray Encounter

On the way to the Stingray Encounter, there is a path to the Scenic Lighthouse where you can replicate with that particular person, the famous photo called: #FollowMeTo




11. In front of the Scenic Lighthouse

One of the best views you can get from the lighthouse is from the pool that is down the slides, you can not lose a photo there.




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During your visit, you can’t miss the photos from the highest point of the Scenic Lighthouse, since the view towards the park and the Caribbean Sea is impressive. While climbling is not allowed access to any object (cell phones, cameras, caps, sunglasses, etc.) but don’t worry, because in the Lighthouse are cameras where you can take pictures and buy them at the end of your visit. Here we share some tips for you to have the best photos here:

1.- If you have long hair, we recommend you take a hair holder to tie it up, this because sometimes it is too windy up there.

2.- It is also important that you position yourself or poses in favor of the wind so that this benefits you.




3.- The sun can be a factor that complicates a bit the photo session, so we recommend that when scanning your bracelet you stand in front of the camera, close your eyes if the sun hurts you, count 3 seconds and open them. Since the cameras shoot takes 5 seconds, you have two seconds to open your eyes and smile.

4.- Try with different and fun poses.




Remember that you can take as many photos as you want until you think you already have a good one.


Now, after having read this blog post, which of these views did you like the most to take photos during your visit to the park? Share your comments with us.