Why travel in low season?

Lower prices, fewer lines, fewer crowds and more fun!

You don’t have to travel in a high season, here we share some reasons to travel when the rest of the people is working or studying:

Less crowded airports  

During the low or non-holiday season, the affluence of tourists is much lower. Because of this, the number of flights decreases and with this the number of people in the airports as well. Having as a result: less time when you are going through revision and making your registration and documentation faster.


Fewer lines to access the attractions

“Time is gold” and more during the holidays. Whether in Theme Parks, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. It’s normal in both seasons (holiday and non-holiday season) to wait for services, however, if you visit in low season you may be surprised with just a few minutes wait.


At the hotels: pools and facilities just for you

If you are the kind of person that likes to stay in hotels  you’ll love this season because the facilities are almost exclusively yours. Enjoy a nap, or take some tropical drinks feeling peace during your vacation.


If you visit a beach destination, feel like in a private island

If you travel to the Riviera Maya in the less crowded months: February, May, September and October you can discover the following scenario:


Lower prices

One of the best reasons to travel in low season is that since the prices of flights, accommodations and attractions get cheaper, the airlines, hotels and travel agencies release many discounts. Remember that the money you will save in each service may be used in the destination whether to buy gifts or just to have fun in some attractions.



This is the main reason to travel in low season. If you want a real break from work, the noisy city and you want to live a quiet holiday, book it in low seasons: it’s the best advice that we can give you.

Have you ever traveled during low seasons? Tell us your experience and share with us your advice.